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Chile: Mobile data usage grew 33% nationwide during 2022

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is a machine translation of Entelpress release

Last year marked a gradual “return to normal” with face-to-face classes and work, along with a return to large-scale festivals with no capacity and the end of masks.

In terms of technology, 2022 will be marked by the rollout of its 5G network, with Entel reaching 100% of the first stage before the first year, with presence in all regions and 270 communes, and over 1 million customers. Earned. made possible the use of this new technology.

What hasn’t changed is the trend among mobile phone users across the country in that they are increasingly using devices that exchange data with their phones.

A new analysis of consumer spending behavior by Entel shows that, in line with trends over the years, by 2022, mobile data use for work, leisure and education will grow by 33% over national levels. was shown. When comparing December 2021 and he December 2022, Norte Grande stands out with three of the highest growth regions. Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Arica, and Parinacota have increased significantly with 78%, 72%, and 68% respectively.

“For Entel, 2022 has been a year of a lot of work and a very important year in terms of connectivity, because thousands of locations, especially those furthest from city centers, need greater digital connectivity. We have strengthened our mobile network in places, such as Puerto Williams, which delivered the world’s southernmost 5G network last November.We are the leader in 5G connectivity in Chile and the rapid deployment we have made and investments have also allowed us to significantly strengthen our 4G infrastructure, which is why mobile data traffic continues to grow, as we have provided more and better connectivity to people across the country. said Manuel Araya, Manager of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs at Entel.

Traffic peaks and main uses

The weekend of November 12th and 13th was particularly busy in Santiago. In the middle of spring, on Saturday night, hail and thunderstorms brought heavy rains that stunned everyone in the capital. Some started. In this connection, Sunday, November 13th was the peak for mobile data traffic this year. Also that day, Club Deportivo Magallanes won Copachiri and the Primavera Sound festival came to a close, with Travis Scott and Björk as main his artists.

Voice traffic peaked on March 7th. At this time, international news announced that Russia had declared a ceasefire after her week-long offensive and that a humanitarian corridor was being negotiated to allow the people of Ukraine to leave. of an invaded place.

Meanwhile, when it comes to app usage, Entel analysis shows that 80% of total traffic is concentrated in just six apps: Instagram (20%), YouTube (16%), Facebook (14%), and Netflix (10%). I understand that you are. ), %), TikTok (10%) plus browser searches account for his 10% of total traffic. As such, social networks and streaming continue to dominate the consumption and use of user data.

This is also supported by looking at the types of applications that have grown the most. Social networking apps were 24%, streaming apps were 22%, and transport apps were up 21% due to more travel in the year without quarantine.

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