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ChatGPT Plus to give priority access at a hefty price

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Popularity of OpenAI Chat GPT AI has become a bit difficult to accessbut soon you will be able to move to the beginning of the column Chat GPT PlusThe free version is still available, but priority is given to subscribers.

This is not surprising given the enormous network and computing costs that OpenAI has amassed at its current rate of activity, despite its non-profit status. The personal cost of $20 per month is relatively small if you are an avid ChatGPT user. However, it costs $240 for a year, so it’s still a good deal if you want faster access.

If you follow the ChatGPT news, you may have heard that the subscription cost is double that. The rumored ChatGPT Pro hasn’t arrived yet and may have been replaced by the much more affordable ChatGPT Plus.

ChatGPT Plus subscribers not only get faster access during peak usage times, they also get faster responses and access to new features before other members. ChatGPT is improving because OpenAI is moving so fast may be of particular interest.

OpenAI called the initial launch of ChatGPT a research preview. This sounds like the free version was temporary, Open AI Free access is still listed. Subscription services help support free access by offsetting the huge cost of making ChatGPT available to everyone.

It’s hard to believe that ChatGPT only came out in January and has already made a huge impact on several industries, and it’s clear that AI will play a big role in the future.

ChatGPT Plus was first launched in the US and is now waiting list sign up Subscription options will be expanded to more countries over time, but a timetable is not yet provided.

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