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Bringing focus to your iPhone’s notifications

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Pay attention to what you want. I once complained that Apple’s silent feature was hampered by a lack of options. Not all or zero in all apps. A few years ago, we saw more and better options for controlling notifications using features such as Focus and Deliver Quietly.

With so many relatively new notification options available today, you are often asked about notifications and focus, such as:

• When I sent a text message to someone, I got the message “____ turned off the notification”.

• What do you mean?

• How do I get my iPhone to do that?

• What is quiet delivery?

• How do I turn Deliver Quietly on and off in iOS 15?

and so on.

Here are some definitions and answers. I hope it only cares about your iPhone when you want to (and often does so automatically without user intervention).

[設定]Focus managed by . Focus, pause, and silence all notifications. You can configure any focus to allow only notifications from specified people, groups, or apps. iOS includes several focus (silent, drive, sleep, etc.) that you can change or create a new focus from scratch.

After setting the attached focus or creating your own focus, press and hold the focus icon in the iPhone control center and tap the focus to turn it on manually, or tap the ellipsis (…). Enables or disables focus. To its name to enable it:

• 1 hour

• Until tonight

• Until you leave this place

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