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Brazil seizes iPhones from stores due to free charger requirement

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Brazil’s Ministry of Justice announced in September that Suspension of iPhone sales in Japan After Apple concluded that it was harming consumers by not providing power adapters that came with their devices. Even after being fined a million dollars, Apple still does not comply with the requirements. This has led to federal district-based consumer protection regulators seizing iPhones from retail stores.

iPhone seized in Brazil for missing charger

As first reported by techno blogProcon-DF seized “hundreds of iPhones at various retail outlets in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia.” It aims to enforce compliance with local laws that require smartphones to be shipped with a compatible charger.

The iPhones were reportedly seized at a mobile operator’s store and an authorized Apple reseller. Regulators have ordered a ban on iPhone models that don’t include a charger in the box.While Apple stopped shipping free accessories with the iPhone 12, the company also updated the iPhone 11 to include a charger. No new, more compact box added.

After the iPhone was seized, Apple Brazil asked the government to allow the sale of smartphones in the country until the dispute was finalized.the company said techno blog That it continues to sell iPhones in Brazil despite the operation.

As pointed out by mac magazineJudge Diego Camara Alves, who allowed the company to continue selling iPhones in Brazil until its final ruling, believes the company did not violate consumer rights. It claims the regulator “abuses its power” in such decisions.Apple is confident it will win the legal dispute and says customers will have “various options for charging and connecting their devices.” I am aware of the

Apple is less confident

Despite the company saying it is confident it will win the dispute, recent company decisions indicate otherwise. It comes with an updated version of the Siri Remote using -C. The company has stopped shipping products that include charging cables in their boxes.

Interestingly, in Brazil, the new Apple TV 4K still ships with a USB-C cable. The company didn’t say why it made this decision, but it’s clear that Apple wanted to avoid further fines from Brazilian regulators amid a dispute over his iPhone’s charger.

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