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Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 stands and kickstand cases in 2023

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 is powerful enough to serve as a workstation, so long as you have one of these best kickstands to give the ideal viewing angle

Peak performance, a brilliant AMOLED display, and long-lasting battery life make the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 a strong entry into the tablet market.

While devout fans of the Galaxy Tab line are sure to jump on the S9 with little question, others may be initially put off by its $800 price tag. However, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, expandable microSD storage, Android 13 software, and ample RAM help justify the cost, especially for those looking for a more portable and dynamic workstation.

But to really take advantage of the Tab S9’s productivity-enhancing features, you’ll need to spend a little more and spring for a kickstand that ultimately transforms the device into an all-in-one desktop. Coupled with the S Pen, a screen protector, and a few other accessories of choice, the S9 then has the potential to stand in for a laptop.

  • MOFT Snap Tablet Stand Holder

    Best overall

    It may not look like much, but MOFT’s ultra-slim kickstand hides a lot in its 6.3 x 4.5-inch frame. At only .15 inches thick, the stand is barely noticeable when attached to the Galaxy Tab S9 until the multi-angle kickstand is engaged. Enjoy six different viewing angles, from 60-degree landscape to 30-degree portrait orientations. Deploying the stand is as easy as pulling the scratch and water-resistant vegan leather backing and folding on the desired pre-engineered bend.

  • Samsung Smart Book Cover for Galaxy Tab S9

    Premium pick

    Samsung’s designated Galaxy Tab S9 Smart Book Cover carries the company’s penchant for quality. First and foremost, the Smart Book Cover keeps the tablet protected with a durable fold-over cover. It’s even a battery-saving feature, as the cover senses when it’s closed or open and toggles the Tab S9 between wake-up or sleep mode. The back of the Smart Book Cover features a foldout stand that can orient the tablet in a landscape or portrait mode.

  • OCYCLONE Stand on display with tablet and phone

    Source: OCYCLONE

    OCYCLONE Tablet Stand

    Best value

    $18 $30 Save

    The OCYCLONE Stand may not have a magnetic grip that holds the Galaxy Tab S9 in place, but its silicon hook pad and non-skid rubber are enough to prevent unwanted slipping. The lower-cost stand can hold the S9 and other tablets and smartphones from 4 to 11 inches in landscape or portrait mode and allows for multiple viewing angles, from zero to 235 degrees. When not in use, the stand folds up to a convenient size for travel.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Outdoor Cover against a white background

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Outdoor Cover

    Best protection

    For a more durable and protective case and kickstand option, Samsung offers the military grade Outdoor Cover. Complete with a built-in S Pen holder and camera cutout, the hard shell case is ideal for rugged travelers still in need of their gadgets. The kickstand is a simple design that unfolds from the back and can be adjusted for a range of viewing angles available only in landscape mode. The kickstand also doubles as a handle for easy transport.

  • UGREEN Tablet Stand Holder unfolder with large base

    UGREEN Tablet Stand

    With height adjustment from 4.52 to 7.67 inches, UGREEN’s tablet stand is an ideal option for catching up on the morning news or reading the day’s emails and social posts. However, because it only features an anti-slip design with silicone pads instead of a magnet that holds the tablet in place, UGREEN’s holder has some minor limitations. Still, it can convert your tablet into a workstation with its sturdy aluminum alloy arm and natural viewing angles.

  • The Frunsi Drawing Tablet Stand.

    Frunsi Drawing Tablet Stand

    Most durable

    Frunsi’s stand is especially helpful if you’re an illustrator or graphic design artist. Its 11 angles and landscape orientation offer a more comfortable user experience for drafting, allowing you to perfect whatever project you’re working on. The tablet stand can be broken down for easy storage and transportation in knapsacks, backpacks, and larger pocketbooks. For extended periods of use, the stand features a heat-reducing design with gaps to help hot air escape.

  • SLLMYYX Case with kickstand deployed in landscape and portraid mode

    SLLMYYX Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

    Looking to give your child access to your Galaxy Tab S9? If so, you’ll want a case that can withstand heavy use. SLLMYYX’s three-layer shockproof case can stand up to children, fully protecting your device from drops, scrapes, and bumps. The included shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around, while the built-in 360-degree rotating grip doubles as a simple kickstand. The kid-friendly case can be angled to ensure they have the best view of their favorite programming.

  • Spigen Armor with kickstand deployed

    Spigen Tough Armor Case

    When device protection is more important than a wide range of viewing angles, you’ll want Spigen’s Tough Armor case. The primary purpose is to keep the Galaxy Tab S9 safe with a shock-absorbing PC hard shell with Air Cushion Technology. You’ll still get a lot done thanks to the built-in kickstand, which can be angled for easy reading or more comfortable S Pen use. The hard shell features an S Pen holder, so you can keep it at the ready.

Turn your Galaxy Tab S9 into a dynamic, portable workstation with the right kickstand

Tablets were once primarily used for media consumption and to play the occasional round of Angry Birds. More recent models like the Tab S9 deliver prime performance to go beyond something so rudimentary. Often, it just takes the right accessory, like one of these best kickstands, to make the leap from a handheld media player and gaming device to a full-on, powerful productivity center.

The MOFT Snap Float Stand for Galaxy Tab S9 earns the mantle of best overall by elevating the user experience and turning the tablet into a foldable all-in-one. The palm-sized magnetic stand offers multiple viewing angles, 360-degree screen rotation, and a compact design that’s easy to travel with, all for a reasonable price.

My premium choice, Samsung’s official Galaxy Tab S9 Smart Book Cover, is both a multi-angle kickstand and a protective case. The magnetic design allows you to easily attach and detach the back cover, giving you complete control over how you use your tablet without any hassle. The built-in kickstand may not look like much, but it helps achieve a comfortable viewing experience for watching streaming services or reading in landscape or portrait mode.

For a comfortable and stable design at a lower cost, I opted for OCYCLONE’s Cell Phone Stand. While not specifically designed for the Galaxy Tab S9, it’s compatible with 11-inch tablets. Granted, the stand has a no-skid silicon pad and rubber in place of a magnet, and it may not be as sturdy as the best overall and premium counterparts. But if you’re not planning on intensively working on the S9 and are using the kickstand to watch Netflix or find the best reading angle, this more affordable option will do the job.

For a tablet that starts at $800, a kickstand or kickstand case is only one accessory you may consider buying. You’ll want to protect that AMOLED display, and a screen protector is highly recommended to prevent damage to the vibrant panel. To make the most of your Tab S9 perched up on its kickstand, you may want to consider one of these chargers to promote super fast charging and extend your time with the tablet.

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