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All Aboard: How to Use Your Phone to Pay for the Subway, Bus, or Train

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You can now pay for tickets using your mobile phone on many bus, train and subway systems around the world. You can use Apple Pay and Apple Wallet on your iPhone. For Android phones, you can use Google Wallet (or Samsung Wallet for Samsung phones). But how do you set up and use your phone to act as a payment method for public transport?

Several methods are available here. You can add an existing transportation IC card to your mobile phone. Every time you purchase a trip, money is deducted from that card. However, this means you’ll have to keep buying or topping up transit cards to add more funds. An easier option, and one that is becoming more and more supported by public transit, is to purchase your fare using your default payment method. This means you don’t have to fiddle with your transit card as the money is taken directly from your credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or other payment method already set up on your phone.

To pay your fare, simply hold your phone up to the scanner at the bus or train terminal and the money will be automatically deducted from your account. On the subway, enter through the ticket gate. On the bus, you can sit directly in your seat. This tap-and-pay process works on iPhones, Android phones, and Samsung phones through their respective payment and wallet systems.

use your iPhone

(Credit: Apple)

Set up Apple Pay

To do this on an iPhone, first Set up Apple Pay if you haven’t already. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and click the plus (+) signature in the upper right corner.Select Next debit or credit card and tap ContinueAdd a credit or debit card by scanning it with your phone or manually entering the name, number and expiration date. Enter the remaining details, including your CVV code. Then validate your card by email, text, or call your bank. After entering the verification code, the card will be approved and added to the Wallet app for use with Apple Pay. Add more cards as needed using the same procedure.

Add credit or debit card

Select transportation card

If you’ve added multiple credit or debit cards, you’ll need to select which card to use as your express transit card. This means you can use this card to pay for transportation without authenticating the transaction with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.To do this, go to Settings > Wallet and Apple Pay.[交通機関カード]section, tap the entry. express transit card Tap the card you want to use.

add express card

Pay for transportation with your iPhone

You can pay fares by setting up Apple Pay and selecting a specific card as your Express Transit Card. Place your iPhone on or near the bus, subway turnstile, or other relevant transportation scanner. When a payment is made from your card, you receive visual and audible confirmation on your phone and the transaction is automatically completed.

Pay for transportation with your iPhone

To see recent public transit payments and other transactions, open the Wallet app on your iPhone. Tap the card used as an Express Transit Card and swipe down to view the latest transactions. Tap on a specific transaction to view its history and other details.

Verify public transport payment transactions

Android phone

A smartphone with the Google Wallet logo rests on a desk next to an open laptop

(Photo illustration by Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Setting up Google Wallet

The mobile payment landscape on Android is confusing. That’s because over the years Google has revamped and renamed the payment process to the point where it’s three different apps flying around.Google Pay, GPay, Google Wallet. Which of the following do you use to pay for public transport?

Google Pay, or GPay is still available in the US and Singapore for peer-to-peer payments and viewing recent transactions. Otherwise, GPay has essentially been replaced by Google Wallet. Users in the US and Singapore will still be able to see both apps on their Android smartphones, but will use Google Wallet directly to set up their payment method.

Google Wallet should already be installed on your phone.If not, get it from google play(opens in new window)Open Google Wallet and tap the button to Add to Wallet. On the next screen, select the following options: payment cardThen scan your credit or debit card lined up in the frame or tap an option Enter details manually Add credit information yourself. Fill in the rest of the details like expiration date and his CVV code. Confirm and save your card details. I agree to the bank’s terms.

Add a credit or debit card

After confirming your identity with your bank by text or email, your card is ready to use.

check card

The card is automatically activated for Tap to Pay, so you can use it with public transit scanners without having to authenticate your transaction with a face, fingerprint, or passcode.tap the link for tap to pay See how the process works. Once done,[完了]Tap.

Learn to tap to pay

Pay for transportation using your Android smartphone

Now that your credit or debit card is set up in Google Wallet and Tap to Pay is enabled, you can pay your fares. Place your Android phone on or near the scanner on a bus or subway. Payments are made from your card, so the transaction is automatically confirmed by phone.

Pay for transportation using your Android smartphone

To see recent payments and other transactions, open the Google Wallet app. Select the card you use to view your latest transactions.at the bottom[詳細]button,[アクティビティ]to view your most recent transactions. Tap a specific transaction to view detailed information. You can also view your latest transactions from Google Pay or the GPay app.

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samsung phone

Samsung wallet logo

(Credit: Samsung)

Setting up Samsung Wallet

Similar to Google’s payment methods, Samsung’s processes and apps have undergone some changes.Originally samsung pay, the app is now called Samsung Wallet. Samsung Wallet, which incorporates all the features of Samsung Pay, is designed to handle all payment transactions.

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If the Wallet app is not already installed on your Samsung smartphone, please download it here. google play(opens in new window). Open the app and tap[続行]Tap. Sign in with your Samsung account and give the app the required permissions.

Setting up Samsung Wallet

Next, set the verification method, such as fingerprint recognition.

Set confirmation method

You will then be asked if you would like to use Samsung Wallet for contactless payments.select the option for everytime Then confirm replacing Google Pay with Samsung Pay as the default app for contactless payments. You will then be credited to the quick access screen.[追加]Tap the button to add a payment card.

Add payment card

On the next screen, select the following options: payment card select Add payment cardAdd a credit or debit card by scanning the card number or entering the number manually. Enter the expiry date and his CVV code and accept the terms and conditions. Verify your card by text message, email, or call your bank.

check card

A card is added.Make sure the option is checked Set as default transit card.[完了]Tap. Tap a card to view details.

View card details

Pay for transportation using your Samsung phone

Now that your payment method is set up and your card is set as your transit default, you can pay your transit fares. Place your Samsung Phone on or near the scanner in public transportation locations. Transactions are automatic with phone confirmation and card payment.

Pay for transportation using your Samsung phone

To see your latest payments and other transactions, open the Samsung Wallet app on your phone. Select the card you use on public transport to view the latest transactions. Tap a recent transaction entry to view the movement history.

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