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2 dating red flags—and a green flag, according to Hinge users

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Ask your single friends, “Are you dating now?” In return, they may be wide-eyed and “unfortunately” resentful.

And it’s not surprising – Scenery of encounter It can be gloomy.

Dating apps are supposed to optimize the process of finding a spouse, but they can make daters feel pretty disposable.

Nearly half (45%) of singles say they are unhappy with dating apps. According to Pew Research in 2020.

Finding a long-term match can seem like an overwhelming task. better datesHowever, it is a more manageable to-do.

According to user research for dating app Hinge, there are some dating red flags and one green light.

Red Light: Getting drunk on the first date

According to data from Hinge, 3 out of 4 singles don’t want a drink on a first date, so you might want to consider swapping out a martini for a latte.

17% of app dates prefer to meet for coffee, 11% prefer to see a show or go to a museum, and 14% prefer to go for a walk.

Those surveyed said that sober dating helps them get to know each other better and is proven to be good for their mental health.

Red Light: You’re Too ‘Added’ to Instagram

74% of single people don’t want to date someone on Instagram, so it’s a good idea to stay off your mobile device during your first date.

Respondents said that people who use apps too much can be perceived as narcissistic, which indicates low self-confidence.

Additionally, 80% said it’s a red flag that someone is addicted to Snapchat.

Users say it not only shows that the person is narcissistic, but also increases opportunities for cheating and cheating.

Green Flag: Talk about how you care for your mental health

Be open about how you prioritize mental health It can make you more attractive to the person across the small table.

In fact, 97% of singles would like to date someone who can take care of their mental health, and 86% would go on a second date with someone who said they would go to therapy on their first date. said to be of high quality.

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