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18 Siri Commands Every iPhone Owner Should Know « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

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Siri can perform many actions on your iPhone, including sending messages, providing information, finding directions, finding contacts, and playing music.Still, there are more important things Siri Voice commands every iPhone owner should know (even those who hate Siri).

Some Important Siri Commands You Will Benefit From Comes with iOS 16, so they are fairly new and the least likely to know compared to others. It’s possible that you haven’t come across them yet, and one of them could be the one you use most in the future.

All the commands below should work even if you start Siri from . ~ side Also home button, HeysiriAlso Type to Siri.

1. Restart or power off your iPhone

upon iOS 16+, you can ask Siri to “Restart iPhone” or “Restart Phone”. Siri will ask if you really want to restart the device. Say yes or tap the Restart button. The same goes for “power off,” “iPhone off,” and “phone off.”

Prior to iOS 16, Siri would just say it couldn’t do it. (More info.)

Examples of Siri commands to help reboot:

  • “Restart iPhone”
  • “restart phone”

Examples of Siri commands that work to turn off:

  • “power off”
  • “Turn off iPhone”
  • “Turn off the phone”
  • “shut down”
  • “Shut down iPhone”
  • “To hang up the phone”
  • “Turn off iPhone”
  • “Hang up”

2. See what’s possible

Also available only on iOS 16 and above, “What can I do here?‘ helps you learn all possible Siri commands for the currently open app. [App Name]?” to learn about another app on your iPhone. Either way, if Siri doesn’t find a result, it will suggest some helpful system commands. This command only works on iPhones. increase. XS. and a new model. (More info.)

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “What can I do here?”
  • “What should I do [App Name]? “

3. Open system or app settings

If you need to change the iOS settings on your iPhone, fastest way It’s Siri that opens the Settings app. Say “open settings” or “open settings” or just “settings” or “settings”.

” can also be said.[Menu Name] Preferences” or [Menu Name] Click Settings to open a specific submenu of settings, but not all. Those that work include Accessibility, Display, General, Siri, and Wallpaper. In some cases, such as “zoom settings,” Siri shows a button you can tap to jump to it. Others may do nothing.

Also, if you say “Settings” within almost any app, Siri may take you directly to that app’s settings. ” can also be said.[App Name] Preferences” or “[App Name] Click “Settings” from any app to jump directly to the requested app’s settings. Weirdly, it doesn’t work for all Apple apps, but I’ve found it works for over 60% of them.

Example Siri command to open the Settings app:

  • “Open Settings”
  • “Open Settings”
  • “Configuration”

Examples of Siri commands to open apps or menu settings:

  • “Settings” (inside the app)
  • “[App Name] Environmental setting”
  • “[App Name] Configuration”
  • “[Menu Name] Environmental setting”
  • “[Menu Name] Configuration”

4. Take a screenshot

If you’re tired of fiddling with hardware buttons and you don’t like any of them, Siri can take screenshots for you. other alternativesIf you say “screenshot,” “take a screenshot,” or something similar, Siri’s interface will immediately hide before the screenshot occurs. Works regardless of whether Always show Siri captions, Always show audio, or Show apps behind Siri is enabled.

You can also send new screenshots directly to someone. [Contact]’ or something short like ‘Share a screenshot’ [Contact].”

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “screenshot”
  • “Take screenshot”
  • “Take screenshot”
  • “Take screenshot”
  • “Snap Screen Grab”
  • “Take a screenshot and send [Contact]”
  • “Share a screenshot [Contact]”
  • “Send screenshot [Contact]”

5. Cast spells

Whether you’re a big Harry Potter fan or not, it’s fun to use your iPhone in a different way. With Siri, you can cast a spell “Lux”, “Nox” and “Accio” turn the flashlight on and off and call a specific app respectively.If you’re an avid fan, you can too program the iphone You can perform your own Potter spells like turn up the volume, find friends, adjust text size and more.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

6. Hang up?

Anytime you’re on a phone or FaceTime call and your hands are busy doing other things, you can say to Siri.To hang up the phoneiPhone 11 and newer models only work with iOS 16 and newer. Works on iPhone too. XS., XS. Max and XR.But only when using AirPods or Siri-enabled Beats headphones.

Unlike other Siri commands on this list, you should: Enable call disconnect before it worked.[設定]–>[Siri と検索]–>[通話を切る]or[設定]–>[アクセシビリティ]–>[Siri]–>[通話を切る]You can toggle the switch by going to Your voice input is processed only on your device, so your conversations aren’t intercepted by Apple.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

7. Switch or adjust settings

Siri can turn many settings on your iPhone on or off, and adjust some options. Keyword triggers depend on your preferences.

Settings that work include Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Brightness, Cellular Data, Dark Mode, Flashlight, Focus (Do Not Disturb, Driving, Gaming, Mindfulness, etc.), low power modeNight Shift, Smart Invert, VoiceOver, voice control,Wifi.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “Enable Airplane Mode”
  • “Turn on Game Focus”
  • “Toggle Dark Mode”
  • “Increase brightness”
  • “Activate Flashlight”
  • “Invert colors”

8. Perform math calculations

ready to open calculator app From the control center whenever you need to solve math problems. Still, Siri can be faster sometimes.

Siri I was able to solve complex math problems, but recent updates have reduced Siri’s math abilities (although Spotlight can still solve them).But You can use Siri for many math problemscalculate tips, split bills, find the cube root of a number, check the weight of a stone, convert currencies, multiply and divide long numbers, and more.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “1 divided by E”
  • “How many pounds per stone?”
  • “The cube root of 569”

9. Play videos with subtitles

If you miss a line while watching a movie or TV show on Apple TV, you can ask Siri, “What did you say?” Rewind 15 seconds and turn on subtitles for that her 15 seconds. It seems to only work with the TV app. When asking Siri on Netflix, Starz, and other streaming video services, you may get a “No subtitles available” error even though there are subtitles available.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “What did they say?”
  • “What did he say?”
  • “What did she say?”

10. Find time elsewhere

Program the clock app to[世界]You can view the time in other cities and countries via tabs, but it’s not a very convenient way to find the time in another location when you need it quickly. are you?” [Location].”

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “What time is it [City Name]? “

11. Add stops during navigation

On iOS 16 and later, ask Siri toadd stop” to navigate. You will then be asked where you want to go and you can answer which stop you want. If there are multiple results, Siri presents a list from which you can select the desired location. The location will open in the Maps app and[ストップを追加]to get directions to that location before your final destination.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “Add Stop”
  • “add stop [Location’s Name]”

12. Add items to your shopping list

Instead of entering your shopping list item by item, ask Siri to add whatever comes to mind to your list.If you already have a list reminder Siri adds the item to a shopping list called Otherwise, Siri will ask if you want to create one. This is stored in your iCloud account. (You can also use Siri to add items to other lists in Reminders.)

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “Add milk to my shopping list”
  • “addition [item] To [list’s name]”

13. Play News

Don’t have time to read the news? Ask Siri to ‘Play News’ and get a quick overview of the most important recent events. Siri plays audio reports from your default news source through the Podcasts app.If you don’t like the default, you can say “change it” [News Source Name]”And Siri will use it from now on. Also,” plays news from. [News Source Name].” In the US, Apple News, CNN, Fox News, and NPR are all supported.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “Play news”
  • Play news from ” [News Source Name]”
  • change to ” [News Source Name]”

14. Find specific emails

If you need to quickly find an email from a specific contact or about a specific subject, you can ask Siri to search. It is not yet possible to search the email body with Siri, as you can only search by contact and subject.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • Find emails from [Contact]”
  • Search emails about ” [subject]”
  • “seek [subject] Email”

15. Watch the trailer

Want to watch a movie or TV series trailer, or show it to someone? Ask Siri to play it. As soon as one match is found, it will play in the TV app. Otherwise, you will be prompted to choose from multiple results. If not found, it says there are no trailers available.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “[Title] trailer”
  • “Trailer” [Title]”
  • “Play the trailer [Title]”
  • “play [Title” trailer”

16. Share Things

Using the share sheet to send an article, TV show, or another item can be a lengthy process if the person is not in the contact suggestions row. You can skip all the work and ask Siri to share something for you. For example, when viewing an article online or in the News app, say “share this with [Contact]If Siri isn’t one that can send a direct link, it will take a screenshot and send it instead.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

  • “Share this [Contact]”
  • share with [Contact]”
  • “share it [Contact]”

17. Call emergency services

if you’re not a fan of hardware button trigger If you need to contact emergency services, you can ask Siri to contact you instead. Say “Call 911” or ask them to call the emergency services you need to contact.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

18. Find your own

If you can’t find one of your Apple products, you can use Siri to find your missing device instead of opening the Find My app. “find me [device]”and if it’s nearby and online, it will start playing a sound. If it’s not online, the sound will play the next time the device comes online. This is supported by Find My Works on all devices.

Examples of Siri commands that work:

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