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Your Private Data Is All Over the Internet. Here’s What You Can Do About It

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If you are reading this, your personal information may be publicly available. And “public” means everyone who is everywhere. It’s never a bad time to line up your internet privacy ducks and effectively “remove” yourself from the internet. But what if you’re wondering how removing yourself from the Internet can prevent businesses from getting your information? Easy Answer: You can’t.

You can’t leave the Internet altogether, but there are ways to minimize your digital footprint. This makes the internet less likely. personal data I’m there. However, you need to be careful. Removing information from the Internet, as outlined below, can adversely affect your ability to communicate with potential employers. Still interested? Here are some ways to erase your digital self.

1. Delete or deactivate your shopping, social media, and web service accounts

Think about networks that use social media profiles.other than Big one Do you still have old accounts on sites like (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), Tumblr? My space? What about your Reddit account? Which shopping site did you register for?The general ones may contain information stored in Amazon, Gap.com, Macys.com others.

Use services such as DeleteMe You can reduce the number of headaches by withdrawing from the Internet.

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To delete these accounts, go to your account settings and look for options to deactivate, delete, or close your accounts. Some accounts may be under privacy, security, or something similar.

If you’re having trouble with a particular online account, try searching online for “how to remove” and then the name of the account you want to remove. You should be able to find some instructions on how to delete that particular account. (Here How to permanently delete Facebook account without losing photos.. )

If you have an account that cannot be deleted for some reason, change the account information to something other than the actual information. Fake or completely random.

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2. Remove yourself from the data collection site

There is a company out there that collects your information. They are called data brokers and are named Spokeo, Whitepages.com, PeopleFinder, and so on. They collect data from everything you do online and sell that data to stakeholders. This is primarily to promote you more specifically and sell things to you.

You can now search for yourself on these sites and process each site individually to remove the name. The problem is that the steps to opt out of each site are different and you may need to fax and fill out the actual physical documentation. Physical. Paperwork. What year is this year?

Anyway, an easier way to do that is to use a service like this: DeleteMe.. $ 129 a year, The service jumps over all those monotonous hoops for you. Check every few months to make sure the name hasn’t been added to these sites again.

Warning: Removing yourself from these data broker sites will most likely also remove you from Google search results, making it much harder for others to find you. DeleteMe also provides a set of DIY guides on how to delete yourself from individual data brokers as needed. Do the process yourself..

3. Remove the information directly from the website

First, contact your phone or mobile operator to make sure they aren’t listed online and ask them to remove their names if they are listed.

If you want to remove old forum posts or old embarrassing blogs that you wrote back that day, you’ll need to contact the webmasters of those sites individually. Look at the About us or Contacts section of the site to find the right person to contact, or visit the following URL: whois.com Search for the domain name you want to contact. So you need to find information about who to contact exactly.

Unfortunately, the operator of the private website is not obligated to delete your post. Therefore, when contacting these sites, be polite and state the reason for deleting the post. Hopefully they will actually follow it and remove it.

If not, Tip No. 4 is less effective, but a viable option.

4. Remove personal information from the website

If someone posts your sensitive information, such as your social security number or bank account number, and the webmaster of the site where it was posted does not remove it, Legal deletion request Ask Google to remove it.


You may need to exercise Google’s legal authority to remove personal information from stubborn sites.

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The removal process can be time consuming and there is no guarantee that it will succeed, but it is also the best bet if you fall into this vulnerable situation.

5. Delete old search results


Google’s URL removal tool is useful for removing evidence of past mistakes from the Internet.

Screenshots by Eric Franklin / CNET

Suppose you have a web page with information you want to delete, such as the staff page of a former employer a few months after you change jobs. You reach out to get them to refresh the page. They do, but when you google your name, the page still appears in your search results, even if your name isn’t found anywhere when you click the link. This means that older versions of the page are cached on Google’s servers.

This is where this tool comes in. Send the URL to Google in the hope that the server will be updated and the cached search results will be deleted and no longer associated with the page. There is no guarantee that Google will delete the cached information. causeHowever, it is worth trying to get rid of as much online presence as possible from the internet.

6. And finally, the last step you want to take is to delete your email account

Depending on the type of email account you have, the number of steps this will take will vary.

You need to sign in to your account and find the option to delete or close your account. Some accounts will remain open for a period of time when reactivated.

You will need your email address to complete the previous steps, so make sure this is your last email address.

Only one at the end …

Be patient when performing this process and don’t expect it to be completed in a day. You may also have to accept that some things cannot be completely removed from the internet.

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