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Woman Who Doesn’t Want Friend’s Fiancée to Join Vacation Divides Internet

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After sharing, the woman split the online commenter Now virus posts She doesn’t want her friend’s fiance to join them during the vacation.

Post RedditAt the “AmI The A ** hole” (AITA) forum last week, with the username u / sourcandy78, the woman asked:

This post collected over 9,000 votes in favor and over 1,800 comments from Redditors who seemed disagreeable whether it was wrong to suggest that her friend’s fiance did not attend the vacation. ..

In her post, u / sourcandy78 explained that her friend happened to be her ex-boyfriend. However, her friend Fiance revealed that she wanted to “keep away” from u / sourcandy78 after learning that the two had previously dated.

A woman split her online commenter after sharing a now viral post that her friend’s fiance didn’t want them to join her on vacation.
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“The problem is that I’m very close to his family because they look like a second family to me,” u / sourcandy78 writes. “Usually in the summer I go on vacation with my friends, his sisters, brothers, and their cousins ​​(and spouses). This year’s trip has already been booked, but she pays homage to me. I hope she doesn’t have a relationship with her. “

But u / sourcandy78 said she wasn’t going to miss the trip.

“If I made her so uncomfortable, I just told her she couldn’t go because I was going to go,” recalled u / sourcandy78.

Not surprisingly, the reaction caused controversy between the two women.

“She accused me of having a free vacation and told me I couldn’t stay in a family villa. If I insisted on going, I would have to get a hotel room.” u / sourcandy78 concluded. “I told her it wasn’t up to her, and I could ask her future father-in-law if I could stay there.”

Talk to Elite DailyCertified dating coach Damona Hoffman said it’s okay for a person to be friends with ex, as long as they are honest about it.

“If you and your ex-husband and wife can see each other without the risk of feeling again, I think it’s okay to be friends, whether you’re in a relationship or not,” Hoffman said. .. “Be frank with your new love about it.”

Relationship coach Frangreen, meanwhile, said exe should only be friends if the farewells are mutual.

“If you insist on making friends with your ex-boyfriend, you need a 90-day no-contact rule. Then you can reopen your friendship with another caveat. Farewells are interrelated. You need to. If not, there is no new friendship. Remember. This is good for you and important for your new relationship! “Green advised.

Many commentators have accused u / sourcandy78 of telling her that they can understand why the fiancee in the story of u / sourcandy78 feels uncomfortable.

“A woman has the right to be offended by the fact that her fiancée’s ex is taking a vacation with her family every year. The main holes here are your ex, his family, and you are her. Don’t even worry about seeing things from. A way of looking at this, “u / greenseraphima writes.

“OP [original poster] It’s clearly beyond the boundaries. Imagine your fiance is still on vacation, taking a vacation four years ago.

But others felt that u / sourcandy78 did nothing wrong.

“NTA [not the a**hole]It is neither your fault nor your problem that she is not safe enough to be threatened by your very existence. And you’re exactly right, it’s not up to her. It depends on her friend’s family, “commented u / gambling Genocider.

“NTA. Her discomfort is her problem. She shouldn’t try to break a very close friendship (with her family) just because she thinks her partner is cheating.” u / Impossible-Pause3788 added.

Newsweek I contacted u / sourcandy78 for comment.

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