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Why has Harry Styles got a new accent? The internet holds the answer

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Harry Styles has confused fans recently Interview with Zane Lowe A significant amount of British tongs were thrown when he spoke with a strange combination of Australian and American accents. “I can’t get angry with the change in his lovely northern accent,” said one listener. Mourning..

Harry may not understand that, but he is influenced by our digital world and is steering a major language shift. His fellow bandmate Liam Payne also flew from Irish to American in Midland at this year’s Oscar ceremony, causing controversy.

They are not alone, as other celebrities have scrutinized transatlantic tones in the past. Singer Joss Stone was criticized for tongs across the Atlantic in 2008. Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things Fame also speaks in a blend of American and British accents, even though he grew up in Dorset, southern England. She couldn’t believe she wasn’t American either.

Language changes and evolves throughout our lives. In conversation, we naturally pick up the accents of others. This is an unconscious process that occurs when you talk to people who speak differently. From time to time we change the language as we recognize that they may be using more prestigious varieties. This is called the “chameleon effect”.

After all, language is intertwined with identity. If you look like a conversation partner, you are more likely to be liked. People are so tuned to these subtle linguistic signals that they don’t even register them.Linguist David Crystal If you like someone who speaks like them, maybe Harry Styles wanted Zane Lowe to like him?

If you record yourself every day, you will find that the language usage and accents change as well. We are all guilty. I started to use American words, grammar and vocabulary more and more.My partner repeatedly calls me by saying “schedule” Hard k not Softer sh sound.

The advent of the Internet, the influence of streaming channels, and the ubiquity of American culture have had a major impact. American influence is often thought of as a new phenomenon, but it started over 100 years ago. The Atlantic Accent is a mixed form of British and American speech that was consciously adopted and used by the upper class American elite in the 1920s. Stars such as Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant spoke top-notch vernaculars and became popular during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

A century later, a whole new generation revived the Atlantic accent in a brave new digital world. The TikTok draw is featured as the voice of a narrator across social media platforms, led by influencers who speak to the camera and broadcast in positive video.

TikTok has a particular influence on our language because it not only reads people’s thoughts on the screen like Twitter and Facebook, but also listens to people’s opinions in that language and creates intimacy and trust. This is a digital version of the conversation. We accept it very much because it’s the way we learned a language by seeing and listening at once before the dawn of the internet.

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Digital platforms like TikTok are powerful because they give you a glimpse into previously inaccessible communities and voice and language types. They have become a playground for our speech. There, we experiment with how they pronounce, using voice changes and music clips, just as people use filters to display in a particular way.

Second, these platforms provide users with space to carve out their identities. It is one of the things that makes us human. From long before TikTok, from the Atlantic accents of Hollywood talkie films to Sher Horowitz, young people have always brought about language change through popular culture. ignoranceSpread the accent of “valley girl” in the 90’s.

We live a life involved in digital media. Harry Styles would have been part of the first generation to experience their entire life online and simultaneously in the real world. Isn’t it strange that these two worlds are intertwined and influence our way of speaking?

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