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Why Does It Seem Like the Entire Internet Is Team Johnny Depp?

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US actor Johnny Depp testified on April 19, 2022, during a defamation trial at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia.

Johnny Depp testified during a defamation trial at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on April 19, 2022. (Photo courtesy of JIM WATSON / POOL / AFP, via Getty Images)

During Johnny Depp’s cross-examination in a Virginia court on Thursday, the lawyer who led the cross-examination read yet another text sent by an Oscar-nominated actor about his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Honda Civic. “

YouTube comments quickly brightened up the trial live stream chat, and viewers laughed at the message. “LOL Honda Civic,” said one.

Most of these comments were parent Johnny Depp (viewers repeat “justice for Johnny Depp” and “free Johnny”), or overtly anti-Amber Heard.

The two actors are currently in court. Depp filed a defamation proceeding Against hardware at $ 50 million depending on 2018 Washington PosHe wrote about his experience of domestic violence. Hard didn’t name Depp in her work, but Depp’s team claims that it was about him and therefore sacrificed Depp’s career. Since then, Haad has filed a counterclaim for $ 100 million in damages, which the jury will consider. Both have denied allegations of abuse.

The case is still going on, and the verdict could still be weeks ahead. However, many viewers have already determined that Depp is a real victim. “I want to hug him and tell him everything is okay,” reads one TikTok caption.It’s a situation that undermines how abuse is actually compromised. Fara Khan, an advocate of gender justice, said. Khan also told VICE News that victims and survivors of abuse could be scared of remarks because they fear the same backlash that Hard is currently receiving.

In comments about the live stream of the trial, Heard is called “Monster” and “Karen”. Many anonymous viewers have accused her of being “manipulative, computational, and perhaps fraudulent” in court, as well as “fake crying” and appearing “dirty.” .. Others make fun of her hair and her court clothes and call her “bipolar.”

Comments aren’t just on YouTube and live streams. It’s everywhere on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Memes and hashtags Call her “liar,” “gold mine digger,” and “amber tard.”

“He may have killed you, he had all the rights,” says one virus, TikTok.

One of the dissatisfied emails with the subject “Amber Turd” sent to the VICE News tipline, one reader called Heard “crazy bitch,” “she has a vagina, and Depp has a penis. The woman should be right because there is .. The best woman! ”

“We need to talk about the fact that people are quicker to say she’s a liar and he’s a victim than to believe in a woman,” Khan said. “People are enjoying her death.”

Even make-up brand Milan chimes after a hard lawyer said the actress used a Milan concealer to hide the alleged bruise caused by Depp. With 4.7 million views on TikTok, the company showed that the product in question was launched in 2017. This was a year after Depp and Hard divorced.

“I have never seen it [a cosmetics company] We talk about domestic violence and we talk like this, “Khan said. “Once upon a time, they were very strong, old and behind a well-established man in his career.”

When she met Depp (58), a much older and successful man in Hollywood, she was in her twenties. However, their innate force imbalance does not resonate widely. Instead, Depp fans favored the actor as evidence that men could also be victims of abuse. But experts interested in the nasty social media reactions that target hardware haven’t denied that men can be victims.

“This does not deny the fact that it can harm men. In this case, we might say: [Heard] Doing things that go wrong in a relationship, “Khan said. “It’s interesting to me that in this conversation the other parts are completely erased and it’s this stack … why should it be parent Johnny Depp or parent Amber Heard?”

In a previous case, Depp attacked Hard after Depp accused the UK-based newsgroup newspaper and Sun’s editor-in-chief Dan Wootton of defamation, as Depp called him a “beater of his wife.” We have already concluded that it is likely. Depp lost his proceedings in 2020 after a British court ruled that the tabloid’s allegations were “substantially true.” At the time, Depp and Haad accused each other of engaging in sophisticated PR campaigns, and Haad claimed that Depp relied on bots and her insidious social media accounts to insult her.

In 2020, lawyer Mark Stephens GuardianHe said he received the barrage of “Ikarino Message” after simply speaking to “the sneaky nature of the case.”

“I’ve seen some eye-catching cases, but I’ve never seen a reaction like this,” Stevens said. Said Guardian. “On the Depp side, there are so many vested interests, people who have dogs in battle, so I feel that the online campaign is one-sided.”

It certainly looks like a double standard, where Depp gets a free pass even after him History of threatening text messages For example, “I’ll have sex with her burnt corpse later to make sure she’s dead,” she said in court.

“The fact that he felt comfortable saying this in the text-what did he say on her face?” Khan said.

Past communications with Depp and Hard, her family, and his friends also revealed a man suffering from addiction, which he admitted. Substance abuse They have influenced their relationships and sometimes repented.

“He was an artist, eccentric, and had alcohol and drug problems,” Khan said. “We make space for people who are traumatized or who may be dealing with things … but for Hard, she’s a” whore “and the worst of all of these. “Khan said. “This is why many do not report abuse.”

According to Khan, people often demand that the survivors of abuse are “complete victims.” This is a type that hardware is not suitable for.

“We have this idea that victims will never retaliate,” Khan said. “They get hit and don’t reply … you are expected to record the hit, but it’s not the way it seems to mislead someone. You shouldn’t get hit and fight back. Is expected, but please protect yourself enough to report it. “

“Ideal victims” also tend to be Caucasian, Sith, and heterosexual women who were only with their husbands, “Khan added. “Faithful wife.”

According to Kahn, hard bisexuality has also been repeatedly used as a weapon. The Aquaman Stars have been accused of unfaithfulness and orgy through their marriage to Depp.

According to Kahn, the problem with many of the stories that unfold online is that the nuances can’t be grasped and future reports may be reduced. Domestic violence can also have serious consequences. In America aloneBetween 2003 and 2014, more than half of the murders targeting women were committed by romantic partners. Often inspired by jealousy, only 5-7 percent of the killed men were killed by their partners.

Hard’s defamation trial continues this week.

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