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Video of man narrowly escaping death goes viral, internet calls it “Final Destination voodoo”

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Time and time again, the internet has caused incidents in which people have narrowly escaped death. increase. It’s safe to say that accidents don’t arrive with warning signs and can happen at any time, at any moment. That said, yet another online case of a man who narrowly escaped a catastrophic accident is a prime example of how important it is to always be on the lookout and listen. A video of a man facing death went viral on the internet and left several social media and his users stunned. In this scene, which looks like a scene from “Final Destination,” a man trying to avoid falling tree branches ends up falling in his path instead of walking away. This video is a stark reminder that accidents are lurking everywhere.

The viral video is CCTV footage and was shared by a Twitter meme page called Lance on Dec. 28 with the caption, “How to Jump Down a Dangerous Road.” The chilling video opens by showing a man standing, presumably in his own backyard. His pet dog can also be seen standing next to him while his back faces his CCTV. And the two completely forgot what was about to happen. As soon as the video opens, CCTV records a huge branch falling to the ground. Sensing the same, the man can be seen running as hard as he can to get away. I fell to The video shows the man standing up in complete shock towards the end.

Although there is no sound in the video, it is believed that the slip was caused by falling tree branches due to heavy rain. As soon as the video was shared online, it immediately started making the rounds on the internet. Several users expressed their shock in the comments section. One user commented, “This is final destination voodoo.”

This video caused a meme fest in the comments section. One person wrote, “Branch missed him by three inches. I would have been so scared.”

So far, the video has over 2 million views and over 33,000 likes.

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