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The new Instagram logo and font are dividing the internet

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Last week, Instagram users noticed that the app’s icons were randomly brightened. Well, now we know why – it’s all part of Instagram’s biggest brand change in years. But the internet seems to be torn apart by the new look of the platform.

Meta-owned Instagram reveals a new visual identity consisting of a brand new custom typeface and the bright logo mentioned above. Perhaps the most notable change is the new wordmark rendered in the “Instagram Sans” typeface. (Looking for more inspiration? Check out the best Free font.. )

Old icon (left) and new icon (right) (Image credit: owned by Instagram / Future)

Instagram says (Opens in a new tab) Updates are designed to help the platform “create a more immersive and comprehensive experience.” In the blog post, the company categorizes rebranding into three core areas.

  • Gradations have been rethought to be “brilliant colors that make you feel bright and lively and signal the moment of discovery.”
  • The new typeface, Instagram Sans, is “designed with the Instagram tradition in mind and contains multiple global scripts.”
  • The new layout and design system “preempts content and celebrates creativity, simplicity and self-expression.”

Instagram font

Instagram Sans (Image credit: Instagram)

I’ve already seen the fine-tuned icon (designed by) Rose Pilkington (Opens in a new tab)), Which Seems to be blinding some users.. But now you can see the new brand identity more comprehensively. ‘Instagram Sans (Opens in a new tab)‘Is a fun new typeface based on the rounded squares of the logo that Instagram calls “lovingly” and “squircle”. The typeface can also be used in stories and reels.

Instagram wordmark

Instagram wordmark evolution (Image credit: Instagram)

But the most prominent use of the typeface is in the all-new wordmark (above). The new wordmark has become much more modern, replacing the long-used “handwriting” style on Instagram. Given how long I had to look at the last wordmark, I’m a fan.

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