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The internet delivers with yet another false Bloodborne PlayStation 5 remaster rumor

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The internet thrives on leaks and rumors, a sort of digital underground teeming with whispers of the next big thing. But sometimes, just sometimes, the fervor needs to take a breather. Bloodborne, FromSoftware’s seminal action RPG, finds itself tossed in the ever-churning remaster/sequel rumor mill yet again, with gamers oscillating between excitement and exhaustion. “Give us a rest,” many have pleaded, but the infamous gaming leaker The Snitch apparently didn’t get the memo. According to this clandestine figure, we’re back in the swing of hopes for a Bloodborne remaster.

Bloodborne “only” sold a million or so copies on the PlayStation but its impact in the genre can’t be denied.

But here’s the catch: The Snitch forecasts a State of Play event focusing on Asian developers, sans Bloodborne. Instead, they contend that we might see a PlayStation 5 remaster, aimed for a 2025 release – conveniently the 10th anniversary of the game. But this is where it gets dicey.

While Nixxes, not Bluepoint, is purportedly spearheading the remaster, online chatter from other circles contradicts this claim. I’m a Hero Too, another leaker with some street cred, stirred the pot further with rumors that Nixxes Software is also developing a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster, among other Sony projects. The anticipation cranks up, but so does the skepticism, given that both Bluepoint and Nixxes are shrouded in other projects and cryptic job openings.

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Remember, Bluepoint resurrected Demon’s Souls to great acclaim but currently has its hands full, as job listings make it clear they’re focused on a new PS5 action-adventure game. So, even if Bloodborne is in the pipeline, it’s likely far down the list. And let’s not forget the discord among the leakers themselves. Misinformation has gotten so rampant these days that public apologies have been issued, including one that declared recent leaks as debunked and fake. Amidst this confusing mosaic of half-truths and illusions, one Reddit moderator even went on record to apologize for perpetuating these smokescreens.

Yet, despite the ongoing drama and speculation that veer into overkill, the leaky boat of Bloodborne continues to float on fan anticipation. 

Even if Bluepoint isn’t behind the wheel, and Nixxes is too caught up in other Sony projects, the possibility of a return to Yarnham keeps gamers locked and loaded. The idea of a remaster, particularly for Bloodborne’s 10th anniversary, feels both overdue and fitting. But the question looms large: Will it reach the sky-high expectations set by its fanbase?

Very few games drum up equal parts hype and disappointment like Bloodborne when news of a sequel is brought up.

In a way, the latest Bloodborne rumor frenzy underscores a profound connection between the gaming community and the titles they cherish. A Bloodborne remaster may be among the most vocalized wishes among fans of the Soulsborne genre, even spawning speculative conversations about anime adaptations and other media. Every rumor, whether ones eventually debunked or confirmed, becomes a part of the collective narrative surrounding the game. It’s a testament to Bloodborne’s staying power that the mere notion of its return can generate such widespread discourse, ranging from Sony’s strategic movements to hypothetical State of Play showcases.

So, we’re left straddling a line between excitement and skepticism, yearning and fatigue. Even if Bloodborne isn’t making its grand entrance (or re-entrance) any time soon, one thing is sure: It’s clearly living rent-free in the minds of many, perpetually resurrected by each new leak, speculation, and tidbit of unconfirmed information. And as we hold our collective breath, wading through the murkiness of yet another gaming leak cycle, the eerie echo of Bloodborne’s haunting world keeps us engaged, wondering, and ultimately, ever hopeful.

Bloodborne is easily one of the most iconic games on the PlayStation 4 of all time.

For now, Soulsborne fans can look forward to playing Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, which recently released to the welcoming arms of gamers all over the world. Finally, Lies of P, which many consider as a “true” Bloodborne-like title, is coming out on September 19.

And, while we’re at it, a PS5 version of Bloodborne technically does exist – it’s just not something within public reach.

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