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Tech, internet firms seen boosting employment

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Visitors check out Tencent’s artificial intelligence products at the China Museum of Science and Technology in Beijing in January. The tech company’s digital ecosystem is expected to create 31.8 million new jobs and 147 new job titles over the next five years. [HUANG YONG/FOR CHINA DAILY]

Chinese technology and internet firms will play a bigger role in creating new jobs and boosting jobs this year, according to industry experts, amid China’s latest effort to boost the development of platform companies. It is expected to fulfill

Zhang Yansheng, chief researcher at the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, said: And the real economy will provide new impetus for new jobs and quality jobs. ”

Yang Weiguo, professor of labor and human resources at Renmin University of China, said: If you have a minor disability, traditional companies will consider it more when hiring.

At the tone-setting Central Economic Working Conference in December, they said that platform companies (primarily referring to technology and internet companies leveraging platforms to deliver services) are “fully developing their capabilities” in boosting economic growth. He said when he emphasized that he would be supported to “strive for the future” in job creation and international competition.

Technology company Tencent’s digital ecosystem is expected to create 31.8 million new jobs and 147 new job titles over the next five years, according to a report led by the Chinese Academy of Human Resources Sciences.

According to another report from Renmin University of China, Ant Group created 1.48 million jobs and stabilized 5.25 million jobs from July 2021 to June 2022.

Shan Zhiguang, director of information and industrial development at the State Information Center, said: The formation of several innovation ecosystems related to artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, big data and processors.It will be the new normal for major economies to compete in the above ecosystems.”

According to a white paper released by the China Institute of Information and Communication Technology, a government think-tank, the market size of China’s digital economy reached $7.1 trillion last year, the second largest in the world.

Wang Xiaoming, director of industrial technology innovation at the Institute of Science and Technology Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that as an important part of the new economy, the platform economy has undergone a period of sound governance, developed relevant laws and regulations, and has been revitalized and further developed. We prepared the conditions for accelerating the

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