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Sherburne to receive broadband internet access through ‘ConnectAll’ initiative

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Sherburne, NY (WBNG)-Broadband internet access is finally reaching Chenango County, specifically Sherburne Village.

Municipalities are one of the few municipalities selected as part of a state program promoted through the Governor’s Office known as “Connect All.”

The $ 1 billion initiative aims to transform New York’s digital infrastructure and use funds from both private and public investments to expand broadband access, affordability, and equity across the state. It is said that.

Ken Beaner, a veteran teacher at the Sherburne-Earlville school district, said education was hit when it came to Internet access.

“What we didn’t have was fairness in access to broadband, so we went deeper into what Google and other software companies could offer us for educational opportunities. There are, but not only students who enjoy the splendor of real life deep in the pits here, but also the children in the village cannot access and engage with sufficient broadband speeds. We are for them. We lack in that respect because we study or run the programs we have, “Beener said.

According to Mayor of Shaban, Bill AC, it wasn’t just about education. Economic development in the region was also affected by the lack of access. Acee recalled a time when tech start-ups had to leave the area due to lack of service. ‘

“The story of perfect economic development, the beautiful white-collar company you want, it was a child of an economic development poster, but lost it because there was no internet. This was about 10 or 12 years ago. It goes back to, it’s always in our minds, and we’re always trying to find a way to get it done, “he said.

According to Justin Driscol, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Electricity Authority, the Connect All initiative could change many of the problems facing the village.

“New York’s” Connect All “invested $ 10 million to ensure that existing fiber stays like us are between the one-mile metropolitan area, the backbone NYPAS Middle Mile, and the last home internet service provider. We are targeting areas where fiber bridges can be built. Miles, “said Driscoll.

The village of Sha’ban is one of the first communities to take advantage of the initiative as part of a large $ 1 billion initiative by Governor Kathy Hokul.

“I’m sure it was happening here today and will serve as a model for the state-wide community trying to determine the digital future over the next few months,” said Deputy Director of Connect All.

Robert Berson, director of the Sherburne-Earlville school district, said he looks forward to taking advantage of the new broadband access to enhance educational skills within the school.

Other municipalities throughout the state that receive this initiative include the town of Nichols in Tioga County, the town of Diana in Lewis County, and the town of Pitkean in St. Lawrence County.

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