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rockspace Wi-Fi 6 AX1800 Router and Extender review: Improve spotty internet for all the Apple devices

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Source: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

Before getting into the experience of using the Lockspace Wi-Fi 6AX1800 system, let me give you a little background. I live in Colombia, South America, but internet technology is not always at the cutting edge. It works perfectly in most cases, but it’s not fiber optics. One of the biggest problems I have with the internet at home is the terrible range of Wi-Fi.

In Colombia, many families are interconnected and live in small apartments and homes built very close together. As a result, many large extended families will share WiFi with nearby family members, friends, and neighbors to share and reduce their monthly Internet costs. As a result, Internet companies have (intentionally) significantly reduced the scope of standard Wi-Fi routers, making it much more difficult to share Wi-Fi from one home to the next. Simply put, my own standard Wi-Fi signal doesn’t extend from the bedroom / office to the kitchen, and my apartment isn’t big.

Enter Lockspace Wi-Fi 6AX1800 Router and Extender. It’s a WiFi system that allows you to use your Wi-Fi network on all your Apple devices at once, from anywhere in your home. The system consists of a Wi-Fi router that connects directly to an existing modem and a Wi-Fi extender that amplifies the signal into a dead zone (such as the kitchen). Together, Lockspace Routers and Extenders have improved W-iFi speeds throughout my house and eliminated dead zones.

Rockspace Wifi6 Router Extender

Lock Space Wi-Fi 6AX1800 Router and Extender

Conclusion: Lockspace can put an end to annoying Wi-Fi dead zones and add up to 1,500 square feet to Internet coverage.

Good things

  • Strengthen the internet throughout the house
  • Eliminate dead zones
  • Very easy to set up
  • Companion app streamlines setup and troubleshooting

bad person

  • You need to manually connect to the extender
  • Not compatible with horizontal wall sockets

rockspace AX1800 Router and Extender: Price and availability

Get the Rockspace Ax1800 Wifi6 Range Extender

Source: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

The best place to buy your Lockspace AX1800 router and extender right now is Amazon. At the moment, Amazon offers the best deals on these products, both for $ 80. It’s also available on the Rockspace website, but it’s a bit more expensive. Currently this pair is not available as a packaged transaction, but I think it should be because the two devices work together very well.

rockspace AX1800 Router and Extender: Wi-Fi in the kitchen and beyond

Rockspace screenshot

Source: iMore

Lockspace AX1800 Router and Extender have greatly improved the internet experience at our home. Due to the nature of the standard modem that comes with the Internet package, Internet signals begin to drop significantly over distance. The AX1800 router amplifies the Wi-Fi signal from the modem, which makes it more powerful throughout the house and faster even when you are in the same room as the modem itself. This signal is stronger throughout the house, but the range has not yet extended to the kitchen.

For that, I have an AX1800 Extender. This WiFi extender works on any router, but it’s especially easy to set up and use on a compatible router with a lockspace router.Using my RS Home Companion app Best iPhone, I was able to set up and connect both the router and the extender in seconds. This iOS app can also be used to make network changes and troubleshoot. This is convenient and convenient.

From the moment you connect the Lockspace AX1800 Extender, the kitchen dead zone is gone.

Screenshot of Rockspace Ax1800 Extension

Source: iMore

One snuff I had when setting up the extender was that it wouldn’t fit into a horizontal wall socket, but I’ll talk about that in the next section. For now, I’m connecting the extender sideways, but this doesn’t seem to affect its functionality. From the moment you connect the AX1800 Extender, the kitchen dead zone is gone. In fact, the traffic lights are very strong in every corner of my house. In the screenshot above you can see the strength of the original internet in my kitchen on the left — almost unusable at 3.2MB. After setting up and connecting the extender, the signal jumped to a considerable 67.8MB.This makes a big difference if you need to scrutinize the internet to burn your own video iPad!!

The system supports up to 35 simultaneous device connections, so anyone at home can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi, even with all Apple devices at once, including Apple devices. Best Mac When Favorite iPad.. Yes, we must even be able to share it with the next apartment if we so desire. Just don’t tell our internet provider.

rockspace AX1800 Router and Extender: Wait, I have to switch networks

Rockspace Ax1800 Wifi6 Range Extender is installed

Source: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

The AX1800 Extender extends Wi-Fi up to 1,500 square feet, but you can extend it by creating your own expansion network.This is once you Original router, You need to manually switch to the extended network.Don’t forget to connect as it is not a mesh system iPhone 12 Pro Max Connect to the bedroom’s main router and then manually switch to the kitchen’s extended network. This takes only a few seconds, but you can see the value of the mesh network doing this automatically.

I was also confused that the socket plug that came with the extender had come off. How it’s made, I thought it would work with my horizontal wall socket. Unfortunately, it seems to work in both directions, but it doesn’t. The extender only works with standard vertical wall sockets, so it had to be plugged in sideways. It still works fine like this, but you need to buy an adapter and switch to the correct orientation.

rockspace AX1800 Router and Extender: competition

Meshforce Wifi Box

Source: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

Other Wi-Fi expansion systems that I personally experienced Meshforce mesh WiFi system Used and reviewed by my parents’ huge farmhouse. This targets a much larger space than where I currently live, but it also worked to eliminate the WiFi dead zone in a much larger area. It’s not perfect, but I like that when I move from one zone to another, the mesh system is supposed to automatically reconnect the device. It may take some time to reconnect. Mesh Wi-Fi networks are more convenient than extenders, but they are also expensive. The Meshforce system costs about $ 180, more than double the price of an AX1800 router and extender.

rockspace AX1800 Router and Extender: Should you buy it?

Rockspace Wifi6 Router Ax1800 Router Internet Settings

Source: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

You need to buy this if:

  • I have a Wi-Fi dead zone at home.
  • You need a more space and a more reliable internet connection.
  • We plan to connect many devices to the extender at once.

Do not buy this if:

  • I’m looking for a mesh WiFi network.
  • There is a horizontal wall socket.

My situation dealing with a stingy Colombian internet provider is unique, but the lockspace system can serve any home with a Wi-Fi dead zone. Simply place the AX1800 Extender between the modem and the dead zone and you’re a boiler. The dead zone is gone. It’s not a mesh network, but reconnecting to an extended network isn’t too much of a hassle for me. Moving to the deadzone takes a few seconds on your iPhone or iPad. In our home, the strengths definitely outweigh the weaknesses.

4.5 4.5
Of the five

To combine power, speed and ease of use, we recommend using the AX1800 router and extender together. The extender can be used on any network, but it works very seamlessly as a pair. The AX1800 router slightly enhances the Wi-Fi connection in the home office where the original modem is located. The result of installing both units is a space of up to 1,500 square feet with no dead zones, resulting in a stronger and more reliable signal throughout the house. In our apartment, this has greatly improved the online experience on all Apple devices, especially when trying to connect from the kitchen.

Rockspace Wifi6 Router Extender

rockspace WiFi6AX1800 Router and Extender

Conclusion: Lockspace WiFi 6AX1800 Use your router and extender together to improve the reliability and strength of your home’s Internet signals. Say goodbye to the dead zone!

Commissions may be incurred when purchasing using the link. learn more..

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