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Rockies’ City Connect jersey divides internet: ‘license plate’

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MLB’s City Connect collection is newly added as the Colorado Rockies. Announced their new jersey.. True Colorado fashion is inspired by the outdoors rather than the city.

The jersey features the unique shape of the Pine Green Rocky Mountains. This is an obvious ode to the state license plate, which is made even clearer by using the same font.

The numbers on the back are piped in purple and the sleeves have a yellow patch that marks a mile high in Denver.

The Rockies will debut the City Connect jersey for the Braves on June 4th.
Colorado license plate.
The Rockies City Connect jersey is very similar to the Colorado Rockies license plate. This is a deliberate choice made by the team.
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“We wanted it to have a classic look, a Colorado look, but other ideas flew around and it became a bit wilder and crazy than this, but it’s appealing not only to young fans and younger generations. I thought it was a good idea, but we thought it would appeal to our old fan base, “said Jim Kellogg, vice president of Rockies. In a press release.. “It’s classic, clean, and that’s what people think of Denver and Colorado when they enjoy ball games.”

Reviews are certainly mixed.



Kellogg said there are three different concepts the team is considering, but the iconic license plate was the right choice.

There was some backlash, but many seem to like the jersey.



“If you think about states and cities, you can see how beautiful lakes and snow are,” Kellogg said. “There is a history of downtown Denver and Union Station. There were many concepts and colors we could draw, but this was perfect.”

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