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‘Redfall’ to launch with Denuvo and require internet for single-player

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Bethesda confirmed its next vampire shooter red fall start with de nouveau Even in single-player mode, a “persistent online connection” is required to play.

upon this page On Bethesda’s website, the publisher makes it clear that “a permanent online connection is required.” red fallSingle-player and co-op elements.

This is likely caused by games with Denuvo’s anti-piracy software, which has been confirmed by an update to. red fall‘s Steam pageTraditionally, games powered by Denuvo could not be played without an internet connection due to software anti-piracy measures.

However, Denuvo’s approach to preventing piracy has been criticized for a number of reasons. Some players disagree with single-player games that require an internet connection, while others accuse the service of negatively impacting the performance of some titles.

Back in 2021, hackers claimed: It was Denuvo’s fault Resident Evil Villageperformance issues withCapcom is Patches designed to “optimize” software.

same year, Human race Developer Amplitude Studios said Denuvo integration was “not good enough” to avoid performance issues.and dropped before launch.

red fall. Credit: Arkane Studios

last month, Hogwarts Legacy Deprecated when it was announced that it would be launched with Denuvo.

as for red fall,game is Currently scheduled to be released on May 2nd and will obviously have Has a lot in common with Ubisoft’s open-world shooter far cry than left 4 dead.

when asked about red fallco-op mode, Arkane StudiosCreative director Ricardo Baer admitted players draw parallels, though “completely understandable” valvewave survival shooter, red fall In fact, it offers a “huge open world” to explore.

“There’s a home base where you can talk to NPCs and take side quests,” explains Bare. “You can go to the mission table and choose a story-driven mission. I come across things in the living world where I live.

Other game news Microsoft removes series of titles from Xbox 360 Marketplace this month.

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