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Redfall needs a permanent Internet connection even in single-player

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Redfall – Built-in Expiration (Photo: Microsoft)

Bethesda acknowledges that Redfall requires a constant internet connection to give the game a built-in expiration date.

Internet connectivity, a must for video games, is becoming the bane of modern gaming. Understandable for games that stand out online, fortnitethere are games that demand online multiplayer without even intending to touch it.

we’ve seen it happen GodfallWhen Gran Turismo 7and now it’s confirmed to happen in Redfall – Bethesda and Arkane’s upcoming vampire shooter.

Redfall was recently given New release date May 2ndalong with new gameplay footage, this detail was not mentioned and was only found on the game’s FAQ page.

Initial announcements said Redfall would be similar to co-op games like Left 4 Dead, but developer Arkane said it would be similar to Ubisoft’s Far Cry series, a single-player game from start to finish. It emphasizes that you can play as

Still, anyone wanting to experience the game this way still needs a stable internet connection, and neither Arkane, Bethesda, nor Microsoft have given any real explanation as to why.

All of FAQ page said, “Single player and co-op require a persistent online connection,” adding that a Bethesda.net account is also required, and that the account must also be linked to a Steam or Xbox account.

Aside from the fact that this means people without internet access can’t play the game, Redfall also risks being completely unplayable if the online servers shut down…even if that doesn’t happen for years.

This is especially ironic given that Microsoft has defended its efforts to keep the Xbox backwards compatible.

It’s always possible that Bethesda or Microsoft will eventually reverse their decision. back 4 bradfor example, it was online-only even in single-player until developer Turtle Rock Studios updated the story mode to be playable offline.

Still, there are concerns that publishers are becoming more dependent on internet connectivity. for example, A physical copy of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 The disc doesn’t even include the base game, and players will need an internet connection to download most of it.

Redfall launches May 2nd for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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