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Reddit: Internet slams ‘immature’ husband over ‘ballsy’ Christmas gift for pregnant wife

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A husband who gifted his pregnant wife with kitchen utensils has been criticized online and labeled ‘immature’. Christmas.

In a post on Reddit, users u/eight eight five six I expected to receive jewelry for the holidays, but all I got was a set of pots and pans.

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of pregnant mom took me to subreddit r/momitsharing her disappointment – explaining how her husband asked her if she wanted jewelry, raising her hopes.

But when Christmas came around, the only thing that was sparkling was the festive lights.

“If he’s going to buy me a set of pots and pans, why would he ask that,” she said.

“I love kitchen gadgets, but I needed pots and pans at home, so I was going to buy them anyway.

“I wanted something that sparkles.”

Voice of criticism on the Internet for husband who gave pregnant wife a gift of pots and pans for Christmas credit: Getty Images/Westend61

The mother added that she thought she might be “overly emotional” because she was “25 weeks pregnant with her second child.”

At a family dinner, however, her feelings were validated by an unimpressed aunt, who called the gift “peppy.”

“We went to my parents’ house for Christmas dinner. When I opened the Christmas crackers, I had a measuring spoon inside,” she recalls.

“I jokingly said, ‘It’s perfect for a set of pots and pans.’ He replied, “I knew you were mad about pots and pans!!”

“And my aunt said, ‘Have you got the pots and pans? It’s bold. Especially since she’s holding a baby.”

Her husband’s reaction excited the expectant mother and raised her hopes again.

“Well, Christmas isn’t over yet,” he said.

Late at night, her husband took her aside to defend the gift.

“He spoke to me privately afterwards about how good they were for the price and how we needed them,” she recalled.

“He implied so strongly that ‘Christmas isn’t over yet,’ so I agreed, but I honestly didn’t care at this point.”

As she drove home, she continued to reassure him that she liked the gift, but her husband sat in silence.

“In the car driving home, I was like, ‘I really like them and I’m not going to look ungrateful. You just raised my hopes by saying you got me some jewelry,'” she explains. did.

“He said nothing and didn’t talk to me all night. I asked him what was wrong.

“Since then, the radio has been silent.”

“I am so stupid and confused.”

Confused, the mom asked on Reddit: I am so stupid and confused. “

Many people took to the comments section to comfort their mothers and blame their husbands for their “immature” reactions.

“You’re not doing anything wrong here. He’s acting this way to make you feel bad, so he doesn’t have to. Don’t be fooled by his bullshit.” No,” said one.

“He said in front of other people that ‘Christmas wasn’t over yet’ so he didn’t look like a hater to them. But he really doesn’t have any plans.” He just wanted to save face,” wrote another.

The third will launch a barbaric attack.

While some criticized her husband’s reaction, many targeted the unimpressive gift and implied it was sexist.

One user wrote, “It’s a secondary home gift for stereotyped gender. but it’s not a gift to him.”

“Household items are not good gifts unless you specifically ask for them,” commented another.

“Household necessities are not gifts for your wife or mother,” explained the third.

Pregnant wife was disappointed as she expected jewelry for the holidays credit: Getty Images

One user even suggested that I should have bought a gift card to make up for it.

“If he understands and cares, he can pick up the phone in 10 minutes, order a gift card, print it, and give you the actual gift.”

However, some users defended the gifts by sharing their experiences buying or receiving “household” items for Christmas and birthdays.

“I had a Dyson for a year and was thrilled when I got it! I had to prove that I was happy,” said one wife.

Another user said she bought a “nonstick frying pan” for her husband’s birthday and “kitchen tools/grilling supplies” for Christmas.

“Is it okay because a woman gave it to a man?

“Why don’t people realize the gift of intent to make some part of someone’s daily life easier and more enjoyable with better tools and materials, instead of thinking about it as a gender role? said the third.

Husband’s Ruined Christmas Plans

The mother is back on Reddit with a follow-up post explaining that her husband has apologized.

It was assumed that he was probably “planning something”, but a big snowstorm ruined the day.

“It was supposed to be ready two days before Christmas. said.

“He also said ‘today was supposed to be different’, meaning ‘Christmas wasn’t over yet’ because I hadn’t received my present yet.

“Then he said it was wrong and it was stupid to say that.”

She continued to say that she believed the gift might be an engagement ring.

“We are married but never got an engagement ring because my parents were broke at the time.

I don’t really understand why things like necklaces aren’t “ready”.

“I think we will see!!”

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