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Province & Telus invest in Upper Nicola fibre internet network

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The state government has announced the start of construction of a “fiber-to-the-home” project that will bring high-speed fiber internet from Tellus to many local indigenous communities, including nearby Kirchena.

Residents of the Upper Nicola Bund’s (UNB) Kirchena Reserve (named Nicola Lake IR1) will soon have high-speed Internet access thanks to the Connecting British Columbia funding program administered by the Northern Development Initiative Trust. will be The announcement is just one phase of his program, which aims to connect every household in BC to high-speed internet by 2027. UNB said the funds will support new and existing projects.

Colette Sunday, band manager of the Upper Nicola Band, said:

“This will allow our members to access the world wide web for their personal needs in high quality and to provide quality services in our currently planned community centers. Finally, Telus Pure Fiber will help economic development projects currently being developed in our community.”

Skwah 4 and Skwali 3 of the Sqwá (Skwah) First Nation, along with Quilchena. Entlqwekkinh19 and Kloklowuck 7 by Cook’s Ferry Indian Band. Cheakamus 11 in Skirmish Nation will also benefit from new tech infrastructure from Telus. In addition to his $2.9 million investment in the state, Telus pitched his $1.3 million toward high-speed internet projects.

Construction on these projects will begin in the spring and is expected to be completed in August 2023. This infrastructure enables broadband Internet speeds of over 50 megabits per second (Mbps) for downloads and over 10 Mbps for uploads. The state says even statewide high-speed internet access “levels the playing field” and ensures communities have better access to jobs, education, training, and health care.

Civil Services Minister Lisa Baer said:

“This project is another step towards achieving Action 4.36 of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Action Plan to ensure that all First Nations communities in BC have access to high-speed internet services.”

In March 2022, the state agreed with the federal government to provide as much as $830 million in funding to expand high-speed Internet service to all rural and First Nations homes in the state. announced that it did. Lack of infrastructure.

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