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Podcast: Alexa’s drama and our holiday gift guide – Stacey on IoT

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The biggest news for the Internet of Things this week astonishing story Amazon’s Alexa business will be responsible for the majority of its estimated $10 billion loss over the next year. Kevin and I discussed Amazon’s withdrawal of Alexa, Voice and what it means for smart homesNow let’s talk about the newly available methods Amazon device signal Amazon issues and potential solutions to those issues. After talking about voice Aqara’s new controller Use gestures and share our thoughts on form factors. After we’ve covered all the user interactions, we cover news like: FIDO Alliance Planning Google plans to tackle IoT security and authentication issues Aggregating fitness dataand the new T-Mobile’s dev kitWe are also talking about new devices from . wise When firewallFinally, we answer listeners’ questions about connecting LED fairy lights. Then it’s time to talk about holidays.

The Aqara Cube T1 Pro is priced at $22.99 and has flashy buttons that you can push, roll, and shake. Image courtesy of Aqara.

Each year, we select 10 devices that we think would make perfect holiday gifts for our viewers and their loved ones. This year, we’ll be making some suggestions in the first part of the show. JaxJox Kettlebell and my long time favorite, ember mug(I gave it to my mother in 2019, and I still use it every day.) A smart plug designed for Matter,device reboot your routerand multiple options for smart buttons Phillips Hugh When Shortcut Lab. Also, Nanoleaf option Because we are fans of devices as gifts for teens. We also include some fancy gift for chef When dog ownerThere are even more options in this week’s newsletter, but before we sign off, we want to thank our listeners for this year and the nine years Kevin and I have been producing this show. That’s excellent.

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