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Photographer Becomes Internet Hit for Expired Film and Unusual Cameras

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The photographer has become an online sensation by taking pictures with expired film and rare vintage cameras.

Miles Meyerskopf Harris His TikTok page has over 1.5 million followers “Expired Film Club” And has carved out a full-time career testing any rare camera or old film he could find.

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Miles has experimented with everything from an 1897 Kodak No. 4 cartridge to a Casio watch camera in the early 2000s.

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Miles speaks Petapixel How he started the Expired Film Club and some of the most memorable cameras he’s tried.

See the world through a vintage lens

After being fascinated by the unique photographs he created using “expired” film, Miles began buying old film.

When Miles had some free time during the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to document his experiments on social media with old film rolls and vintage cameras.

‘All Expired Movie Clubs Started During Lockdown,’ Says Meyerskopf-Harris Petapixel.

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“Now that I have some free time, I have had the opportunity to dive back into film photography as a way to escape the world for a bit.

“Through this, I started shooting more and more expired films. I loved the whole process of finding old films and getting interesting results, so I started documenting them on social media.”

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He adds: .

“Amazingly, it’s now grown into a full-time job!”

“Just like time travel”

Based in Oxfordshire, England, Miles scours eBay, antique shops and thrift stores looking for expired film rolls and rare vintage cameras.

The photographer also says he has become “the go-to person with an old camera he inherited from his grandparents.”

Miles says:

“I think it’s a strange juxtaposition of old and new. It’s like time travel in itself!”

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Miles adds:

“I love the process and am amazed that a 125-year-old camera can be used to photograph the modern world.”

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Miles also recently experimented with a tiny TONE Hit-Type camera that shoots 17.5mm film.

“Difficult to use [the TONE Hit-Type camera] The film itself is very small, so we had to shrink the 35mm film down to the right size,” recalls Miles.

“And since there’s no backing paper, you can’t use the window to see which frame you’re using, so you just shoot one frame at a time!”

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A novelty Coca-Cola can camera from the Facebook Marketplace and a Game Boy camera with its own little printer stand out for him.

Miles says:

“I also loved the fact that all the other photographers were there with huge telephoto lenses and I had a little Game Boy!”

Other works by Miles include: tick tock, Instagramand the expired movie club website.

Miles also sells film cameras and expired film. shop.

Image credit: Header photo by Miles Myerscough-Harris/Expired Film Club.

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