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Panda seeking attention playfully follows caretaker; adorable video awes internet

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Pandas and their adorable antics – definitely need no introduction. Certainly, there are few things that can match the cuteness of pandas. These fat, fluffy animals are too cute to bear. Today, social media is flooded with hilarious videos depicting pandas’ hilarious tantrums. And of course, users pay close attention to these things and they never fail to relieve the stress of everyday life. Published in This was dropped on his Twitter on Dec. 7 by his page named Buitengebieden.

The clip opens in the enclosure, but its exact location is unknown. You can see the caretaker at work, but the panda wasn’t in the mood to leave him. Perhaps it was the food when the chubby animal was trying to grab onto his leg.

Keepers were repeatedly trying to remove it. He put the panda back in his place and continued his work. But in the most adorable event, the round-eyed animal chased the keeper and tried to get back into his range, until the panda approached the man again, spread her arms, and finally grabbed the man’s leg.

The clip’s caption asked, “Who wants this job?” It’s not uncommon for engaging videos to get a lot of attention in the internet world. Users were in awe after seeing the playful nature of the furry companion. The comments section was flooded with reactions.

A viewer commented, “He doesn’t have to play with Panda after work hours. Panda already plays with him during his shift.”

Another user said sarcastically.

One suggested, “You should start a new job as a panda hug so the guy can get the job done.” I will accept the job. “

“It’s a real job in China,” said one person.

Other reactions include:

The 30-second viral video has been viewed over 5 million times since it was uploaded to Twitter. Also, on the microblogging site, he has earned more than 1.8 million likes so far. did you think it was cute? Wouldn’t this fluffy sidekick make your day?

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