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Our battle with China over the future of the Internet is just beginning

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Welcome to Cyber ​​Security 202! Consider checking out Louis Malle’s 1990 movie before the end of the month.May be a foolAbout the student riots in Paris in 1968. Arcade Fire’s “in May“Is not half bad either.

under: Twitter will pay a $ 150 million fine to collect user’s personal information for security and use it in advertising, and the UN Security Council will sanction North Korean hackers. Ready to vote.

Huawei mainly lost the 5G battle, but is now aiming for 6G

The United States has almost won the battle to limit China’s role in building next-generation 5G telecom systems over espionage concerns.

But the battle for who will dominate the future of global communications technology has just begun.

Canada Participate late This month, the United States and its closest allies have blocked China’s tech giant Huawei from its 5G system.

The move is that Huawei is closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party and uses such privileged positions to snoop on Western officials and interfere with those connected to the Western Internet and mobile phone systems. Following a long-standing warning from US authorities that it could be.

Concerns are even higher as the 5G systems currently deployed are dramatically more powerful than the 4G pioneers and are promised to connect to a much wider range of devices called the Internet of Things.

Canada’s move essentially guarantees a short-term future in which global connected technology is divided into two major zones, one for Western companies and the other for Chinese companies.

But Huawei hasn’t given up.. The company has long rejected US claims of being vulnerable to or complicating Beijing spies.

The company is already looking forward to the next revolution in communications technology and hopes that Europe and the United States will be more open to Chinese products as cybersecurity and geopolitical changes progress.

  • “It’s not just 5G, but 5.5G and 6G.” Andy PurdyHe told me that he is the Chief Security Officer of Huawei’s US division and a former Cyber ​​Official of the Department of Homeland Security. 6G (meaning 6th generation mobile networks) is largely theoretical at this point, and experts believe it will take about 10 years to implement.
  • Purdy has been added: “more [cybersecurity] Progress is being made around the world, and more people and organizations will say: “Well, we are tackling the world’s largest national security threat. Therefore, if Huawei can meet these requirements, Huawei should be able to participate.”

Purdy’s comment was accompanied by a Huawei-funded release White paper By scholar John RushEnhanced security and transparency measures are more effective in limiting the risk of espionage and hacking on 5G networks than the current US method of banning Chinese technology. Insist.

Western officials and analysts have not purchased it.. For them, there seems to be no technical modification to bet that Chinese companies will make it worthwhile to play a role in the most sensitive parts of Western telecommunications.They point out issues like China’s crackdown in Hong Kong to discuss the leader and the president. Xi Jinping You can’t trust it.

“The future looks like two different supply chains [for telecom] — The risk profile is much larger ” Jim LewisHe told me that he was a cyber activity at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and was a former government cyber official.

“People don’t like being spyed by the Chinese government. If you’re in China you have no choice but if you’re in another country you do,” Lewis said. ..

No evidence of smoking guns linking Huawei to foreign Chinese spies,However A handful of Incident Gave feed To critics who say the company is too sensitive to Beijing pressure.

  • While Huawei supporters have spy on enemies and competitors in the past, Beijing is likely to seek alternatives to adopting Huawei technology, with the credibility of major state champions. I have argued that there is a risk of losing sales.

The battle to limit Huawei’s role in 5G began during the Trump administration and is one of the few areas where Biden officials remain primarily on Trump’s policy course.

  • Trump officials have traversed the world endlessly, urging allies to limit Huawei from 5G builds or to peripheral features. They eventually defeated the closest information-sharing ally to the United States, known as the Five Eyes, including Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.
  • The Trump administration has also taken strict measures against Huawei. Mainly prohibited The company does not use technology produced in the United States.
  • Europe takes a country-by-country approach.. Many, but not all, European countries have followed subtle boundaries by creating regulations that increase the likelihood that Huawei will play a limited and alert role in 5G builds, but Huawei and others. It was not possible to explicitly ban Chinese companies.
  • Huawei continues to be a leading player in building 5G in China and is involved in building 5G networks in other countries such as Hungary, Iceland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. .. list From the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Huawei control Majority It is part of Africa’s 4G services and has the potential to build many of its 5G networks.

Twitter pays $ 150 million to collect information to enhance user security, but uses it for advertising

Twitter will pay $ 150 million to resolve allegations of fraudulent use of contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers to target ads. CatZakrzewski Report.. Twitter has informed users that it is collecting that data to protect their accounts, such as through multi-factor authentication and password recovery.

FTC too Alleged “Twitter has made it possible to target specific ads to specific consumers by using phone numbers and email addresses to match the data that advertisers already have or retrieve from data brokers. “

Twitter is prohibited from profiting from “seemingly collected” data and must notify users that they have used their phone number and email address for advertising purposes., According to the news release. The company also needs to introduce a new privacy program that requires a review of the security risks of new products.

“Keeping your data safe and respecting your privacy is something we take very seriously and we’ve worked with FTC at every stage,” the company said in a blog post. The company first announced in 2019 that it had “inadvertently” mishandled advertising emails and phone numbers.

Cybersecurity advocates have warned that Twitter’s actions may make consumers less likely to enable multi-factor authentication.

Consumer reports Justin Brookman:

Ewa JodlowskaCEO of Security Startup, formerly Executive Director of the Python Software Foundation:

ReadMe Security Managing Editor Breaking backpack:

Google links Russian hackers to sites hosting leaked Brexit emails

Most of the leaked emails are believed to be from Brexit supporters in the United Kingdom. ReutersRafael Satter, James Pearson, Christopher Bing Report.. Google’s Threat Analysis Group has linked the site to a Russian-based group called “Cold Rivers.”

The site also contained leaked emails from a former UK foreign intelligence director. Richard Dearlove.. Diarab also accused the Russian government of hacking and told Reuters “I am familiar with Russia’s operations against proton accounts, including emails with me.” Dearlove warned Reuters that leaked emails should be treated with caution in the context of the “current crisis” with Moscow.

“It’s the first time in three years that a Kremlin spy has stolen a personal email from a British national security official and published it online if the leaked message is really genuine,” Satter said. , Pearson, Bing wrote.

This site has some similarities to other sites used by Russians to leak confidential documents, such as for the 2016 US presidential election. Thomas RidA professor at Johns Hopkins University told Reuters.

UN Security Council is ready to vote on sanctions for the infamous North Korean hacking group

The UN Security Council is expected to vote “in the next few days” on additional North Korean sanctions targeting the infamous Lazaro hacking group, a high-ranking US official. Said ReutersMichel Nichols.

It is unlikely that the resolution will pass.. Support from China and Russia will be needed, but both countries are giving “opposite signals,” Nichols wrote.

Last month, the US government circulated a resolution to freeze Lazarus Group’s assets. It said the US government was controlled by North Korean intelligence official Reuters. report..

The Lazarus Group is behind a series of serious robbers and other hacks.

  • This year, the U.S. government Link A hacker against the theft of $ 600 million cryptocurrency from Axie Infinity video games.
  • The U.S. government has also blamed Lazarus Group hacking With Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014 start up WannaCry 2.0 is a worm that attacked more than 230,000 computers worldwide in 2017, causing millions of dollars in damage.

UK investigates China-led acquisition of chip maker (Wall Street Journal)

Notorious Vietnamese hacker turned to government cyberagent (France24)

Surveillance AI companies with hidden relations with China are seeking US infrastructure contracts (protocol)

Jury sees contradictory evidence about Michael Sussman’s role at the FBI Trump-Russian Conference (Politico)

The FBI demands more than $ 100 million in cyber and data-related growth in 2023 (Cyber ​​Scoop)

Global oil and gas companies join the Cyber ​​Resilience Pledge (The Hill)

MGM Resorts customer data is now leaked for free on Telegram (The Register)

Wisconsin Republicans Resign from Election Commission Over Party’s 2020 Falsehood (Rosalind S. Helderman)

  • Iranga Kahangama According to a DHS spokesman, he has joined the Department of Homeland Security as Assistant Secretary of Cyber, Infrastructure, Risk and Resilience. Kahangama was previously the Cyber ​​Incident Response Director of the National Security Council.
  • Secretary of State Antony Blinken outline Thursday 10am US Government China Policy
  • R Street Institute host An event to move forward towards federal privacy law at noon on June 1st.
  • Atlantic Council host Upcoming events selection For the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union at noon on June 2.

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