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No Unsupervised Access to His Kids, No Internet, No Marijuana & More – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

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“Before worrying about this, I spent more than 10 years in Slammer!”

Josh Duggar was Sentenced to 151 months Today in federal court.The former is 19 Kids & Counting The star must serve at least 85 percent (or 10 years and 6 months) of his judgment before qualifying for early release. Judge Timothy Brooks Josh has still issued a set of “special conditions” that must be obeyed 20 years After his liberation.

In addition to the standard conditions for release under surveillance, Josh must comply with very specific rules regarding contact with children, access to the Internet, and (strangely) use of marijuana. not.

In the minutes obtained by Ashley From Wednesday’s hearing, the judge will elaborate on what Josh can and cannot do when he is finally released from prison.

Josh can’t be alone with his children-even himself.

Josh, Anna and 6 of the 7 kids …

For 20 years after getting out of the slammer, Josh will not be able to make unsupervised visits or contact with minor children. The judge did not specify that Josh’s seven children would be exempt from this rule, so it is his children who have not been supervised for 20 years (apparently until the age of 18) after Josh’s release. Means you can’t be around.

If Josh serves at least 85 percent of his judgment, some of his children will be over 18 when he leaves. McKinzie is about 22 years old, Michael is about 20 years old, Marcus is about 18 years old, and Josh’s daughter Meredith is about 16 years old. My son Mason is 14 years old, Mariella is 12 years old, and Madison is about 10 years old.

If you’re not sure if there are minors where Josh wants to go, you should ask a protection observer before you go.

“If there is concern about the possibility of inadvertent contact with minors at a particular location, event, or event, the defendant shall be from the US Probation Office prior to attending such location, event, or event. Approval shall be obtained. “Status.

It doesn’t say Who Josh is allowed to supervise when he is around a minor. (While he was tied up, Josh was only allowed to see his own children if he had his wife. Anna It existed; however, it was not specified here. )

After the hearing, Ashley’s reporter told the prosecutor at a media conference that Josh’s parents Jim Bob When Michelle DaggerCan act as a supervisor (as stated in court).

“It depends on the protection observer,” the prosecutor replied.

Josh is not allowed to view p0rnography at all.

After his release, Josh will no longer be able to see, watch or own adult pornography of any kind. (During the hearing of the decision, Josh’s lawyer, Josh, opposed this condition, but it was upheld.)

You may not use an internet-equipped device unless it has been pre-approved and closely monitored for use for work purposes.

Hang up and Josie!

Josh – Captive Hundreds of images and videos of child sexual abuse on his work computer will not be available on the internet for 20 years after being released from prison. Josh may not own a computer or electronic device that has access to the Internet without the special permission of the Conservation Observer. The only exception to this is when Josh uses the device for work. But it must be on the premises of his work and the property of his employer.

If he is allowed to use the device on the Internet, Josh must allow the US Probation Office to install “Internet Surveillance Software” on that device. This has to be paid by Josh. He needs to allow POs to randomly search for these devices.

Josh needs to take a random polygraph test.

At the request of Josh’s Conservation Observer, Josh must submit a random polygraph (also known as a “lie detector”) test to “verify compliance with the requirements of the supervision or treatment program.”

Josh has to pay a fee of $ 50,000 or more.

“Um … dad? Can you pay the allowance in advance?”

He will be fined $ 10,000 and a special assessment fee of $ 40,100, and his “total financial obligation” will be $ 50,100. These fees must be paid immediately, but can be paid on a schedule. Must be paid off at least one month before the release of Josh.

He must participate in a sex offender treatment program.

The judge Mentioned during the judgment One of the federal correction agencies being considered for Josh has a “good sex offender program” and he did not state that Josh needs to participate in it. However, in the minutes, the judge makes it clear that Josh needs to participate in one of these programs. He also has to pay for it.

“Defendants must participate in a treatment program that specializes in sex crimes. Defendants must pay for the program if financially feasible.”

Josh needs to be able to search for himself, his property, homes, etc. on demand.

“Why bother? My Josie doesn’t hide anything!”

Josh’s Conservation Observer has a reasonable amount of time and reasonable information about Josh’s person and his “place of residence, place of work, vehicle, documents, computer, other electronic communications or data storage or media, and effects.” You are allowed to perform the search in time. If the PO is suspected of being violated by Josh.

Josh cannot use marijuana or carry a medical marijuana card.

“Anyway, you’ll never use the devil’s wacky cigarettes!”

This condition looks pretty random, as Josh has never committed a drug crime. However, the judge said he had to avoid marijuana after Josh was released.

“Defendant must not purchase, possess, use, distribute, or manage marijuana, or obtain or possess a medical marijuana card or prescription. If Defendant currently has a medical marijuana card. , Defendant immediately do it
Probation office. “

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