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M&M’s taking ‘an indefinite pause’ from their iconic spokescandies after updates to the characters ‘broke the internet’

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Candy giant M&M’s is ditching its iconic spokes candy in 2022 following a controversial cartoon character change.

In a statement Monday, the candy maker said it had “decided to suspend indefinitely” from using mascots resembling giant, living M&M’s in its marketing campaigns.

“Last year we made some changes to our beloved spokes candy,” said the Mars-owned brand of consumer goods giant. I never thought it would break the Internet.”

Last year, M&M’s made some changes to its anthropomorphic candy, giving the cartoon characters a “fresh, modern look” and “a more nuanced personality.” These tweaks included switching the green go-go boot for a more practical sneaker, and giving the brown a lower, more comfortable-looking heel. A third female character, Purple, who was included in the limited edition packaging along with Brown and Green, was also introduced.

The packaging, as well as the change in the character’s appearance, sparked a backlash against the company. Fox News segment It claimed that the “woke” Women’s Day pack was strengthening China’s regime.

in the meantime, petition To “Keep Green M&Ms Sexy”, we have garnered almost 21,000 signatures, fox news Anchor Tucker Carlson has kicked off an on-air tirade against cartoons that “you don’t want to drink with” and are “terribly unattractive and completely androgynous”.

In a statement Monday, the company said, “Now we get it. Even candy shoes can be polarizing.”[This] It wasn’t what M&M wanted because M&M is all about bringing people together. “

A spokeswoman announced that the character of Scandi will be replaced by comedian Maya Rudolph, saying, “Mr. Rudolph champions the power of fun and believes in creating a world where everyone feels they belong.” said. Instagram Post, Candy called her the new “Chief of Fun”.

rudolph Said today on Monday She spoke about being “thrilled” to take over from Skandy’s. News sites say she will be appearing in a Super Bowl commercial for candy, which will air during the event on February 12.

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