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Meg Stalter Skipped Straight from the Internet to “Hacks”

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What was your life like before the pandemic? Can you explain what you were doing, your career status, your life, and where you lived? What was happening?

I had just moved to New York 6 or 7 months before the pandemic. I spent my life at various shows every night. “Oh, this is a dream. This is a New York dream.” I think that was when I first started getting traction online. Just before the pandemic, I remember the first few videos I’ve done so far. It’s not viral, but many people watched it more than usual for me. I think one video was almost like a woman in the movie was caught in a lead before she set out to find her true love.

I remember it.

And I said, “Oh my god, awesome, I’m really doing it. I’m in New York, doing these shows at night and people are watching mine online Then, I think the pandemic got a lot of real attention.It really changed everything, and [I] To be honest, I wasn’t focused on getting people to see it. I was doing Instagram Live with a very crazy theme all night because I was so alone. I thought, “This is a fun way to feel connected.” Or you can post it, but I was very scared and sad, like, “I can’t live now, so it’s like a creative outlet.” I was just trying to float. I was just trying not to lose my heart. I was very scared, but then things were happening online too.

This is this strange combination of horrifying moments for the world to significantly reduce good times for Meg’s career. I would like to see one of the most popular videos during the pandemic. “Hello Gay” was from June 2021. It was a video of Pride Month.

That video, I was literally rushing the door. It was Pride Month, and I just saw so many ads from places that would never normally do pride. It was like something was clicked. It was like, “God, that would be very interesting.”

This is clearly a great satire of how companies adopt a language of pride to sell their products in June. What’s so interesting about it to me is that it’s more than that. You see this character, who is not very accustomed to being in the camera, trying to look good and failing to pull it off.

Everything, because I’m reading a computer, everything I said was written. I usually like to improvise on video, but I thought it would be interesting if it looked like I was reading a script. I think it’s really the people who speak completely loud that I’m attracted to when people see characters and get inspiration. They are different from others, but it doesn’t matter what they think of them.

Now, your character has something to represent the breadth of American idiots.You have this one video I love playing a woman in her car I’m indignant because I just went to Starbucks..


Of course, we’ve all followed these people who are indignant at things like the “Christmas War.” In a sense, online culture has become a kind of on-camera performer for everyone. You really capture the feeling that so many people are playing for the camera. You can see them trying and failing. It’s as if we are all performers.

Everyone feels this pressure. Everyone wants to be famous or viral. “Why do people feel that way? Why do people feel the pressure to do it?” That’s what makes these front-facing video characters so interesting. Because, like that video, many thought it was real. That’s very interesting.


Yes, I think the characters I like to see are those who feel real, even if they are ridiculous. They just feel, “Oh, well, I know the woman.” Like the lady in the church, she was crazy about Starbucks employees and celebrating Halloween, but she’s so real.

What did the person who thought it was real on Twitter say?

People got angry with this character and said, “Wow, I don’t think Christians should yell at baristas,” or “You’re not a real Christian.” Or she “I don’t think God wants it.” Another is that she really liked the poor quality of the video. That’s because it feels more realistic because it’s like the person shot it himself. The fun is that if they don’t follow you, you can prank people. Much of that content is online, so you can put up with your content and people think you’re serious. That’s really part of the joke for me.

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