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Martin Scorsese Addresses Tumblr-Invented Fake Film ‘Goncharov’

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Misinformation has plagued many parts of the internet and even the film community. Years ago, a Tumblr post displayed an image of counterfeit shoes. Instead of the brand’s logo, an inscription was sewn on it indicating that it was a fake. Martin ScorseseThe director’s film titledGoncharovwith the tagline “The Greatest Mafia Movie Ever Made”.

Scorsese has arguably directed multiple films that can attest to that tagline, but no concrete evidence is available that can prove the existence of “Goncharov.” Fan-created posters headlined by Scorsese muse Robert De Niro, composed themes, his inspiring art, and more, the internet, and especially his Tumblr community, maintain It lives on in the spirit of an imaginary film and is hailed as ahead of its time.

Scorsese’s daughter Francesca is an actress and filmmaker who has appeared in his films The Departed, Hugo and The Aviator. On TikTok, she shared a screenshot of a text conversation between her and her father. It’s saved on her phone as ‘Dadio’. A New York Times article outlining his digital footprint of the “Goncharov” movement.

In response, definitely jokingly, Scorsese replied: I made that movie many years ago.

In fact, the acclaimed director is 2023’s Killers of the Flower Moon, starring Leonardo DiCaprio alongside De Niro, Jesse Plemons, Lily Gladstone, and Brendan Fraser. We are preparing for release.

The knockoff sneaker misprint, which has created a rich internet history of fake movies, is speculated to have been supposed to say “Gomorrah,” reflecting the 2008 Italian drama about the Neapolitan mafia directed by Matteo Garrone. I’m here. Around the time of its release, Scorsese praised the film for its “desperation” and “candor” and allowed his name to be used in promotional materials.

Check out Francesca’s video below, including her father’s reaction.

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