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Manage An “Internet Angel” In ‘Needy Streamer Overload’ This Fall

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The popular visual novel / management sim NeedyStreamerOverload is getting the Switch port. The game has been available on Steam since January and has sold over 450,000 copies in about five months. Now you can raise and manage your own internet sensation with Switch.

As a unique premise of this genre, your goal as P-Chan is to allow internet star Ame to reach 1 million subscribers in just 31 days. We I managed it! But it’s all sweet and not saccharin, as you have to help the candy enjoy outside the internet idol persona while balancing the internet trolls and the fight against critics.This sounds a little that too Realistic.

NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD is a “multi-end ADV” that depicts the daily life of the girl “OMGbunny Angel-chan” who needs approval to become the number one “Internet Angel” (streamer). OMGbunnyAngel’s followers will gradually increase as you stream, use different medicines, and generally get messed up. Experience all the crazy ups and downs and see for yourself if this story can have a happy ending.

Turn “Ame-chan” (a little hot mess of girls) into OMG WTF’s cute internet angel and start your career as the live streamer of the most hardcore nerds online!


-candy: She may look a little understated and quiet, but in reality she’s a ridiculously selfish and capricious girl, prone to engrossment and urgent need for approval. She’s … well … a kind of garbage collector. Her favorite: her SO / producer “P-chan”. Psychotropic drug.

–OMGbunnyAngel-chan: “Angel of the Internet”. Ame-chan’s alter ego used during streaming. Pretend to be really nice and sweet. Always tinker with nerd type.

Live with an internet angel!

As Ame-chan’s beloved (???) “P-chan”, we provide daily commentary and guidance to help her grow into a top-notch streamer. She receives very few comments and has few followers, but under your direction and guidance, she can attract more and more enthusiastic listeners / enthusiasts and turn her into a super popular streamer. Masu-so you can squeeze a stupid amount of cash from her donation-a happy nerd follower.

It’s not just streaming. You may need to take a short break. Take Ame-chan on a date, do some naughty things once in a while, give her a little stuff, get rid of something when you need to relieve your tired stress, and use the online dating app Send me a date with another guy to help keep her happy and mentally healthy. * Note: This is actually a perfectly sound game and does not contain any explicit sexual mentions or expressions or illegal substances.

You can see your daily actions and the results of your actions on social media. Ame-chan talks about you using both public and private accounts. People tend to act cooperatively and friendly outside, talking a lot of smacks and spreading rumors personally.

It can be long and boring criticisms and insults, but that’s not surprising when dealing with cute girls streaming on the internet. Be sure to take care of her.

The game has multiple endings, and streamers can be weird and emo for a variety of reasons, harming trusted P-chan, and generally confusing their heads. Start your adventure and see for yourself if a happy ending is really possible for a girl who is cute but disturbed on the modern internet.

“Multiple Wild Endings” are also quite daunting given Ame’s Internet personas and the challenges and hardships that must be taken to maintain happiness. It’s sometimes a cruel world online.

Needy Streamer Overload will be released on Switch on October 27th, so learn about internet idols and get ready to make Ame the best and happiest. And let us know in the comments if you are interested in this managed visual novel!

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