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Man Removes Tape That Hides Hindi Instruction in Bangalore Metro, Viral Video Gets Mixed Reactions

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Last update: Jan 31, 2023 14:13 IST

Viral video: Bangalore metro uses tape to hide ‘Hindi’ instructions and reveal clip to divide internet (photo credit: Twitter/@KananShah_)

A video shared online showed Hindi instructions hidden in the Bangalore metro. The viral clip also showed a man trying to disclose them after receiving mixed reactions online.

South Indians often criticize the authorities for imposing Hindi, which is believed to have taken over the importance of their prominent regional dialect. Earlier, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) was noted to be using three languages, Kannada, English and Hindi, on station signage. Instructions in Hindi were now taped up in the Bangalore subway, and a video of a man trying to remove the tape has gone viral on the internet.

A clip shared by Twitter user Kanan Shah showed a subway signboard with Hindi translations sealed by the railway authorities on the subway. , in the video revealed a tape covering all other Hindi descriptions. Instructions such as “Do not lean on the door” and “Be careful of gaps” are written in Kannada and English, and Hindi instructions are hidden from the public using the same color tape. rice field.

The now viral video has split the internet in two, with some praising the Bangalore Metro’s conduct and others criticizing it for suppressing one of India’s official languages. A netizen also pointed out that the Delhi Metro never puts up Kannada boards.

“People who are abusing this man should go ahead and put up Kannada boards in the Delhi Metro and trust me…you guys (who hate Hindi) know that we can do that so as not to see or hide crying about,” wrote one hurtful user, while another wrote, “this is not hate, we don’t have a national language so we don’t need a third language ” commented.

Those who opposed the subway act responded, “I can’t understand this hatred of Hindi…it’s the Usse Ituni problem in your national language, Chalegi Lekin in a foreign language.” So who is to blame? Well, no one has the answer!

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