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Man Losing $125K in Epic Work Fail Horrifies the Internet: ‘Suspended’

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Most of us made mistakes at work.But one Reddit Users shared a really big job mistake this week on the popular subreddit r / tifu.

Abbreviation for “I made a fuss today”, the forum is a space for people to share stories of their big and small mistakes.

On Wednesday, Redditor posted their story and has received over 17,000 votes since then.

He explained: “I work in the financial industry and I’m the only one who works. After a long week, the CEO sent me an email asking me to pay for the details of the new bank. Instead of waiting, he asked if he could get paid today.

A file photo of a person paying online with a card (left) and a photo of a stressed man working (right). The Internet remained confused after a man shared that he had lost £ 100,000 in the company.
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“The business owes a lot of debt to the owner, so when his money request came early, I confirmed with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) abroad, and he was for it. I said I’m going to. “

He pointed out that it was not uncommon to receive emails, and the CFO left the PIN number and device so that Reddit users could approve payments.

“I go to the bank and drop the new details into the banking system. The bank performs a name check and the error” Ask the recipient for confirmation. “I tried to call the CEO, but the reply was There was not. I’m in a hurry, so instead of waiting, I’ll continue without confirmation. You pay with your account and you have a PIN device, so log in and approve as your boss. payment. “

However, within 10 minutes of sending the requested £ 100,000, the CEO called back asking why he couldn’t answer. Reddit user: “There was a long pause and a lot of confusion because he didn’t demand money or change bank details.”

When he returned to the email, the employee noticed that the sender copied the CEO’s signature and obtained a very similar email address. Since the incident, the company has suspended Redditor during its investigation.

“I got a call from the CFO and talked to a bank that could track the money,” he said. “But we violated the bank’s security protocol because it was approved by myself, and they said it was unlikely that we would get anything back.”

To make matters worse, the money sent must come from the company’s bonus next month.

Fraud losses reported in the United States increased by more than 70% between 2020 and 2021. Consumers reported more than $ 5.8 billion in fraudulent losses last year, according to data recently released by the Federal Trade Commission.

With reports from more than 2.8 million consumers, the most commonly reported category is scams where one person lies and another person is tricked into sending money.

Employees who wish to remain anonymous Newsweek: “Waiting for updates from the CFO and bank managers. I’ll update the post as soon as I know more. To be honest, I thought this might be a little laughing, but it’s been read 2.8 million times. Currently on the top page. “”

In fact, this post has received a lot of attention from Reddit users. “Hmm, I have nothing else to say, just hmm,” said one commenter.

On the other hand, another user wrote: “I also work in corporate finance and am always wary of this exact scenario. IT departments need to flag external emails to make it easier to identify phishing attempts. For fraud. I’m sorry to meet you. It’s a rough idea. “

“My fellow accountants here and I feel about you, especially when you’re under pressure, it was a simple mistake,” another comment said.

Another Redditor writes:

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