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Man Demanding Wife Use Inheritance To Pay His Student Debt Divides Internet

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The husband and the only earner split his opinion online after asking his wife for some use money She received as an inheritance to pay him off Student loan..

But the other half of him has so far refused, telling him that “inheritance is her own.”

They say that money is the root of all evil and that old maxim seems to be true when it comes to relationships. According to a 2019 University of Tennessee survey, money was the most opposed by couples, regardless of whether the relationship was happy or healthy.

But if a couple is complaining Social mediaMoney is not just the cause of disagreement, it can be a catalyst to destroy them marriage completely.

Under the handle sloanaita, with more than 7,000 posts in favor RedditThe worried husband elaborated on how a severe storm made him confront his wife.

The “only income providers”, the two fathers, have worked for the past few years to slowly repay student loans.But he seems to have thought his wife had recently solved all the money problems Received a “great inheritance” That’s about five times his debt.

But when he talks about repayment of the loan to the other half, she gives him money to explain that his loan is “before” their marriage and therefore his “only responsibility”. I “rejected” that.

Angry at her reaction, which she felt “unfair,” said her husband decided to fight back. “The next day I told her I wouldn’t pay her own because she had the money if she didn’t help me repay her student loan,” he wrote. .. “Instead, I’ll put that money in the loan and repay it sooner.”

His wife accused him of being “dominated by money” and claimed that he was “abusing” his position as the only earner of the family. Neither side seemed willing to discuss this issue, but it turns out that this topic is equally fragmented on social media.

Something like Constant_Craving was firmly on the fence. He admitted that it was “wise” for a man’s wife to use the money to “better finance” her family, but her husband took his position to earn income. I agreed to be “abusing”.

“Unless you pay her to see the children, she allows you to earn your salary and is entitled to money,” they added.

Bibbity-Bobby was in conflict as well.They felt his suggestion that he would spend more of his salary to pay off his loan, but it was “fully rational” In the light of her inheritanceHe felt “something is wrong”.

“If I have a happy marriage with a good husband and my children’s father, I’m paying off that debt,” they said. “It would be great to do such a thing for someone I love.”

Others like Molly_Menace stood by the wife and branded her husband’s reaction as “abuseful.”

“He must respect the work she is doing. Instead, he is trying to retain her heir hostage and remove her choices and choices,” they said.

However, users like Powersmith strongly opposed it. “She is not helpless and has not been seen financially. Inherit hundreds of thousands of dollars“They wrote.

On the other hand, Automatic_Western_50 stood firmly on her husband’s side. “She now has her own money, and I think it’s fair,” they said.

Newsweek I contacted sloanaita for comment.

Stock image of a couple arguing over the bill-A man diverged after revealing that he had demanded that his wife pay the student’s debt with the inheritance he had just received.
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