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Lonely Mom’s Reaction to Getting Puppy For Birthday Has Internet Sobbing

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A mother who received a surprise puppy for her birthday has impressed TikTok users.

and video Shared on October 20, user Sandy (@sandykins18) explained that he was 32 and had just left his family home for the first time. Her mother Angeli was heartbroken, especially when her Sandy took in her dog Toby.

To cheer up mom, Sandy and her family adopted a maltipoo called Casper. The puppy was Angeli’s surprise gift at her birthday party. The birthday girl cried tears of joy when she saw Angeli.

The clip, captioned “I wish I could give her a star”, has garnered nearly 250,000 likes and 1.5 million views.

Stock photo of a Maltipoo puppy looking at the camera. When Sandy’s mom realized the puppy was meant for her, she cried tears of joy.
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“Nothing beats seeing a mother happy”

The video begins with Angeli hiding tears as Sandy and her dog move in for the first time in 32 years. But Angeli soon became lonely.

The following clip shows the screenshot Angeli sent to Sandy. For example, “I’m having a really hard time” or “Can I have Toby tonight?”

Hating her mother for her hard work, Sandy and her sisters adopted a white child. maltipoo A puppy named Casper.

In the final clip, Casper is introduced to a shocked Angeli while the rest of the family sings “Happy Birthday”.

As soon as she saw him, she burst into tears and shouted, “What? Wait a minute, is this my dog?”

She then picks up Casper and hugs him crying into his fur.

TikTok users were touched by Angeli’s joy, with Daniel Rea commenting:

“This is the best thing you can do for your mom!” Janice said.

“Nothing beats seeing a mother happy,” wrote user8652275882710.

Maryhodder commented:

Newsweek I asked @sandykins18 for comment.

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