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Jenna Marbles And Julien Solomita Are Married

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ICYMI: Jenna Marbles Is Married!

Former YouTuber officially tied the knot with partner of nine years Julian Solomita in outdoor ceremony last month.

Julien, a full-time content creator on behalf of Jenna, absence From the Internet, he shared a series of cute photos from the romantic event on his Instagram page on Thursday.

“Less than three married otters,” he captioned the post, detailing Jenna’s gorgeous wedding dress.

Fit for a princess, Jenna’s dress featured long lace sleeves, a deep V-neck cut, and a long tulle-style skirt.

of course a couple dog Appeared in the photo!

The highly anticipated wedding comes nearly a year and a half after Julianne impromptu announced during a Twitch livestream that he and Jenna were engaged.

“Some time ago this was so weird I asked Jenna to marry me and she said yes. he said.

“I just woke up and wanted to marry her,” he added.

And it’s no exaggeration to say that Internet users around the world are overjoyed with the status of the newlyweds. Amidst a flood of social media posts, many have expressed their joy over the longtime couple.

“Jenna Marbles and Julian Solomita just got married. Get out of your seats,” one person tweeted.


“Jenna Marbles and Julian Solomita are finally married. My heart is exploding,” said another.

Twitter: @matchadoII

“The marriage of Jenna Marbles and Julian Solomita is a reminder that love can actually be very real,” wrote the third.

Jenna Marbles and Julian Solomita’s marriage was a reminder that love is actually very real

Twitter: @yellowbiiird

Fans are particularly excited about the news considering Jenna memorably left the grid in 2020 after fans made headlines past racist videos her.

Jenna, who shared an emotional, now-deleted video to her YouTube page, revealed that she has dealt with the controversy and “does her best to grow up and be a better person.” Admitting that she was “not completely trouble-free,” the media personality “switched some of her past videos to private because she didn’t want to let the world out in the negativity.”

Jenna also announced in her video that she was stepping away from the spotlight “for now or forever.” “Being.”

Jenna started making YouTube videos in 2010 and has become one of the platform’s biggest and most beloved creators thanks to her hilarious skits, ironic humor and, of course, her adorable dog.

Ultimately, Jenna’s apology and subsequent disappearance from the internet came to be understood as a way for her to take responsibility, and fans really missed her online presence.

Her name trended all over social media when news of her and Julian’s wedding broke.

“When I saw Jenna Marbles trending, I was afraid people would be mad at her again, but it turns out she’s married. That she’s happy.” I hope so,” read one tweet.

I was worried people would be mad at her again after seeing Jenna Marbles trending, but it turns out she’s married. hoping.

Twitter: @Hasan_JF

“Jenna Marbles is trending and I’m happy with her. She hated internet fame, but everyone is happy about the news,” said another. rice field.

Jenna Marbles is trending! i am happy with her Although she hated her internet fame, everyone is delighted with the news. https://t.co/G5EjuoH50u

Twitter: @shmiif

And the fact that Jenna and Julian chose to share the big day with fans despite her decision to live a completely private life made people very emotional.

“Jenna Marbles, who has chosen to stay off the internet completely, wants to share with all of us some of her happiest moments with Julian. I feel so emotional by letting him post those pics.” and I am very happy with them,” one person wrote.

I don’t understand Jenna Marbles choosing to stay off the internet entirely

Twitter: @smaIIman

“This photo brought tears to my eyes. I celebrate this woman and all the joy she has contributed to the internet over the years. You’re the best guy ever dabbled in YouTube.Thank you, Jenna Marbles,” said another.

This photo made me cry. I congratulate this woman. All the joy she has contributed to the internet over the years. I celebrate the fact that she is careful & #039. I left the internet on purpose. The best member who dabbled in YouTube. Thank you Jenna Marbles. ❤️

Twitter: @HeyBuckHey

Congratulations Jenna and Julian!

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