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Ivins resort will power its lights through internet lines – St George News

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ST. George — People are using the internet to read this article. In addition, the Black Desert Resort, currently under construction in Ivins, will use the same Ethernet network that sends the Internet throughout the resort to power lighting and other items.

Two large cranes used to build the Black Desert Resort dominate the horizon of Ivins, Utah, May 19, 2022.Photo by Chris Reed, St. George News

Known as “power over ethernet” (PoE), this technology transports electricity using the same code that sends it over the Internet. The resort states that lighting, guest Luke door card readers, security systems and cameras will all be PoE power.

Introduced in 2003, it’s not necessarily a new technology. However, it is rarely used on a large scale as it is done in Ivins. According to the resort’s developers, Black Desert will have the greatest power in the resort’s Ethernet installation.

“We are very energy efficient,” Enlaw LLC owner Patrick Manning told St. George News. “Power over Ethernet causes most of this.”

Resorts include hotels, homes, retail promenades, and professionally designed golf courses.

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Power over Ethernet sends electricity along with data over the same standard data cable used to send wired Internet.

According to the IEEE, the biggest advantage is the ability to use a single line that supplies both power and the Internet to some IT devices such as cameras and computers. With growing interest in electricity consumption, we also offer alternative sources of electricity away from the existing grid.

In addition to having its own water supply that does not use Ivins’ existing water supply, Manning also means that the Black Desert Resort will not draw too much from the existing power supply in the city and Washington County. I said.

“The extent to which Black Desert Resort uses electricity via Ethernet will be the largest resort in the world to use this incredible energy-saving technology,” Manning said.

Resorts can also benefit financially by using the PoE system.

Stock Photo of RJ45 Ethernet Code | Photo courtesy of Bet_Noire / iStock / Getty Images Plus, St. George News

According to Manning, the resort could receive $ 150 million in loans from state and federal programs designed to promote efficient and renewable energy use.

Commercial real estate valued clean energy, or C-PACE, program Started by the US Department of Energy, it actually relies on the state to create an institution that manages and grants funds.

“The purpose is to create a government link to encourage and cover the financial costs of energy efficiency,” municipal bond attorney Randy Larsen said in a presentation on C-PACE financing at Black Desert Resort. He told the Ivins City Council on May 19th.

The C-PACE program has 38 states. Utah is the pet project of Stuart Adams, Chairman of the State Senate. Sponsor the bill Utah C-PACE was created in 2017.

According to Manning, the resort is eligible for a $ 150 million loan and has finalized the terms. The more it is, the more it will be the largest C-PACE reward in US history. According to Forbes, the largest C-PACE funding to date was $ 89 million for carbon-reducing refurbishment of the 111 Wall Street Building in New York City.

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