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IPv6 and blockchain are restoring the end-to-end Internet model: Dr. Satya Gupta on CoinGeek Backstage

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era of IPv6 As the world embraces this new and advanced version of the Internet, India has emerged as a global leader in IPv6 adoption. Dr Satya Gupta, chairman of the Bharat IPv6 Forum, believes India will consolidate its position. As a global leader in IPv6driven by regulatory enabling and the second largest population in the world.

Gupta, who is also the Chair of the Blockchain Productivity Forum, attended the Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit (EUBS) in Bangalore, Dr. Craig Wright and Latif Radid.

Speaking to CoinGeek’s Claire Celdran, Gupta noted the rise of India: IPv6 superpower It is the result of aggressive regulation, private sector initiatives, and a large population. The Government of India has already set aggressive targets to enable universal IPv6 connectivity for each carrier and ISP operator. Additionally, the government has launched an education initiative to promote IPv6 adoption across India.

In an even more ambitious move, the Indian government is considering setting up DNS root servers to better serve its 1.4 billion Indians. Currently, due to Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) limitations, there are only 13 DNS root servers globally. Ten of the thirteen are in the United States, two are in Europe, and APAC only gets one despite being the country where over 60% of the world’s population lives. IPv6 will finally rectify this mistake, he says.

Gupta further points out: blockchain and IPv6 are an exact match. With no address limit, every device can be directly connected to the internet, coupled with an infinitely scaling blockchain network, IPv6 and Bitcoin SV Ultimately, we can restore the original end-to-end vision of the Internet.

“These two next-generation technologies — Bitcoin SV and IPv6 — fit very well together,” said Gupta.

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