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Internet Trends And Creators Of 2022

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One of my favorite TikTok creators is known as Nick Rosenthal. @Clown Face Vincinever seen Get a break with a man he is meeting in New York City.whether the story of him falling on someone and taking a bite of their genitals while they were watching Emily in Parisor exist Tied up like a rotisserie chickenI deeply enjoy Rosenthal’s wild dating stories, I hope he finds true love in the new year.

A week on Twitter

It first went viral on Reddit about a particular song a man played during sex, then spread to Twitter and TikTok as people shared the goofy stories behind it. don’t worry darling It premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, and everyone followed the drama between the cast and debated each move on Twitter.Then Lea Michele made her leading role debut on Broadway funny girl Resurrection after months of frothy tension. Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, sparking a jolly mass reaction around the world from people living in, or descended from, countries that had been oppressed by the British Empire. By Friday, people were chatting about a conspiracy theory that BTS’ Jungkook was the reincarnation of Princess Diana.There aren’t many weeks where current events make social his media debate, but his 9 this year. In the month we were 7 days Good Twitter.

The asification of Andrew Tate

Kickboxer-turned-men’s-rights activist Andrew Tate has been at the center of a highly misogynistic dialogue on the internet this year. his edit The booty shorts, acrylic nails, and false eyelashes brought me incredible joy.

Convenience store TikTok

From iced cups and bagged drinks to a variety of ramen made in-store, TikToker likes @tokyogirl__ When @anna soul He was one of the creators I wanted to pay attention to this year. Content is the perfect slice of life that makes you want to go somewhere else and try something new. Alisa, aka @tokyogirl__, guides you through the streets and metropolitan areas of Tokyo, while Anna (@annainseoul) lives in Seoul. These videos weren’t made through a white or western lens either. This is something we appreciate very much about these influencers while keeping the video very transparent in terms of cost and quality.

Megan & Harry discourse

this is Not a documentary release It was one of my favorite moments of the year, but rather the social media discussion about it. was an opportunity for Break danceor a meme clip of Harry running run for ice creamor saying King Charles DJ’ing againdig that crazy rhythm”- and argue How much royal celebrity stories no longer important to us.

strange cake

tilted, puffy, shaped like anything else — futuristic, eerily cute Cakes on Instagram almost dominate my explore page. when will you eat Probably not! But there’s something so wonderful about opening up social media and seeing bunches of silly, bizarre cakes with flowers, swirls, and avant-garde decorations adorning mountains of sugar. It feels like an injection.

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