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Internet Stunned by $4,000 a Month Apartment With Door That Opens Into Oven

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The TikTok video shocked viewers by seeing the layout of an apartment in New York City, then became viral, recording 2 million views.

Posted by TikTok user @charlottesaround video It showed that the unit’s door was open before the unit immediately hit the stove.

“The reality and absurd prices of finding an apartment in New York” read the text above the video. “Imagine paying $ 4,000 a month to hit the door whenever someone comes home using the stove.”

The virus TikTok showed it before the woman opening the door of the apartment immediately hit the oven. Here is a stock image of a real estate agent who holds the key to the apartment.
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Fortune reported Rents in Manhattan have skyrocketed 24% from a year ago.

“The median monthly rent for apartments in the region reached $ 3,700 last month, according to a new report from real estate appraiser Miller Samuel.”

The work states that other New York City provinces are less expensive to live in than Manhattan, but rents are also increasing in those provinces, especially referring to Brooklyn and Queens rents.

In her video, @charlottesaround just opened the door and hit the stove.

“Oh, look, the stove,” she said.

As she closed the door, @charlottesaround panned the camera, giving viewers a complete glimpse of the small kitchen space.

There was a sink between the stove and the small countertop. The fridge was right next to the stove and it didn’t look like more than one person could occupy that space at once.

“Why isn’t this a fire hazard?” Read the video caption.

In the comments section, TikToker @charlottesaround states that the apartment featured in the video is not her apartment, but the one she toured.

Viewers were similarly surprised by the layout of the apartment, went to the comments section and shared their thoughts.

“I work for the Home Conservation and Development Department, and it’s almost certain that the apartment is in violation of housing law,” the viewer wrote.

TikToker Second short video It showed that she asked if the front door was a “health hazard”.

Another TikTok user commented, “I’m very happy that they put the firefighters right next to the exit.”

“Harry Potter’s apartment,” the viewer joked.

Some viewers wondered how someone was expected to move their furniture to the unit.

Some were shocked by the price of the rent, while others wondered if it was really that expensive.

“Then they want five times the rent and a credit score of 750,” the comment read.

Some viewers have written that the apartment featured in the video may be a unique case, but there are other options for tenants who want it.

“The funny thing is that people think we all live in New York,” writes TikTok users. “Maybe you don’t live in Midtown Manhattan. It’s not worth it.”

“Please … Brooklyn has a great apartment for 4K,” another comment said.

Newsweek I contacted @charlottesaround for comment.

Other posts showing rental space have been talked about on social media.

Man We shared what the interior of his small apartment looks like in a video that has been watched over 22 million times. One tweet Someone was placed in a place where it was difficult to open the door of the appliances, but he showed the oven in the kitchen space of the apartment.

Another video It became viral because of its unusual layout.

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