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Internet Slams Man Who Let Friends Eat Pregnant Wife’s Food and Insult Her

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Thousands of internet commentators immediately summoned a man whose pregnant wife cried and explained how the night with a friend ended.

With a virus Reddit A post in r / AmITheA ** hole, Redditor u / CommonHubble7060 (also known as the original poster, or OP) prepares a traditional meal from his wife’s home country and is one of her thirsts for pregnancy. His decision to meet one and feed his friends a plate instead.

Title, “[Am I the a**hole] Did you let your friends eat the food your pregnant wife wanted? ” Position We have received over 10,000 votes and 4,000 comments in the last 12 hours.

The original poster wrote that he also prepared enough macaroni and cheese to feed his friends, and said his wife’s food was more appetizing and quickly disappeared.

“”[My wife] At some point I got a little sick and lay down and didn’t want to eat yet, so I said I would eat later, “OP wrote. [her] With traditional food [the] The macaroni and cheese remained untouched. “

“When another friend of mine arrived and I asked him if he wanted to eat, he said so,” OP continued. “I saw only one plate of traditional food left, but politely had to ask him what he liked. He said traditional food, so at the end I handed over the plate. “

After he gave up the last part of the dish he prepared specifically for his wife, the original poster was he Faced immediately By the result of his actions.

“My wife got up and she was hungry,” OP wrote. “She went to make her own plate and her traditional dishes [gone] And she was upset … I said everyone wanted to try it. “

“She began to shed tears and said,’I told you I was hungry for it, and you probably made it because I was hungry for it,'” OP said. Continued. “One of my friends asked why I couldn’t make any more, but the ingredients were complete and the grocery store was closed.”

“”[My wife] I shed tears and ate nothing, “OP added. [spoiled] The kid and I have to ignore her, but I can’t help feeling like a ** hole for not putting her on the plate. “

For many Pregnant womanSudden specific food cravings are attached to the territory.

As a result of hormonal changes and increased sense of smell, the thirst for food during pregnancy changes from pregnancy to pregnancy, usually daily.

“Don’t be surprised if the food you had to eat yesterday repels you today,” WebMD said. Website Read. “Sometimes pregnancy changes food preferences forever.”

last year, Forbes Resurfaced data collected by Psychology FrontierReveals the most commonly coveted pregnant foods in the United States. The list of cravings included sweets and other deserts (especially chocolate), starchy carbs, fast food, pickles, and pizza.

In an interview with ForbesDr. Gabriel Sandler assured that indulging in a thirst for pregnancy was often completely okay.

Members of Reddit’s r / AmITheA ** hole forum immediately called for a man who had his friend eat the food his pregnant wife had longed for.
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But throughout the comments section of the viral Reddit post, Redditors told the original poster that a friend could feed his wife’s pregnant food. no I called the OP again with a fine Allow his friends to look down on her After ruining the dishes, she was anxious.

“”[You’re the a**hole,]”Redditoru / crockofpot wrote in the top comment of a post that received over 44,000 votes.

“1. At first I should have set the plate aside for her,” they continued. “2. Why don’t you let your companions talk to your wife?”

Redditor u / Devegas49 has received over 14,000 votes, reflecting that sentiment.

“You should have left her with a plate because she knew she wanted it,” they commented. “Also, she says she’s all silent about her because your friend doesn’t run your house or marriage and doesn’t carry your child.”

“You and your friends are losers, OP,” added Redditor u / Dakeby, who won nearly 6,500 votes. “They don’t talk to your pregnant wife, eat her food, or leave her her food. You allow all this.”

In another comment, which received over 4,000 votes, Redditor u / MadTom65 claimed that the original poster and his friends weren’t in line to eat his wife’s food, whether pregnant or not. bottom.

“”[You’re the a**hole] “Same for your qualified friends,” they write. The thirst for pregnancy is very real. “

“Even if she’s not pregnant,” they added. “It was rude not to save her her dishes to her.”

Newsweek I contacted u / CommonHumble7060 for comment.

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