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Internet reacts as Kanye releases promotional campaigns for 2024 US presidential run

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american rapper news Kanye West Running for the 2024 presidential candidacy and releasing its publicity campaign has left the internet in disbelief.

On November 25, 2022, Raw Alerts’ Twitter handle posted three promotional videos for the 45-year-old rapper’s campaign. The first of those videos said Adidas had frozen his bank account and sued him for $275 million in advertising fees.

The second video begins with a snippet from Yeezy headquarters in Los Angeles, where Kanye West talked about how he asked former President Donald Trump to be his vice president.

A third video shows a news clip of Tucker Carlson talking about West, which has been canceled by the fashion industry and international media.white lives matterThe video also contained footage of people criticizing Ye and calling him sick, but it ended with Famous A rapper who says people can’t control him.

Kanye West’s promotional video shocks Twitter as netizens react

🚨#preliminary report: Kanye West has launched a promotional video for his 2024 presidential campaign. https://t.co/Q2CNNJwGhO

After a promo video for Kanye West’s presidential campaign went viral, Twitteratis were shocked to find the idea of ​​him becoming president “ridiculous.” After all this time and his antics, some users were in disbelief that West was running for president in 2024. Some people wondered if they weren’t making .

@rawsalerts These are terrible. Not to mention it’s ridiculous for him to run. I don’t know what to say about everything that’s happening now.

@rawsalerts Oh mercy! Where’s the peep who really cares about him?? He’s spiraling! No excuses but he hasn’t been right for months now! 🙆🏼‍♀️

@rawsalerts This video is not real. It is an imaginary picture of a reality that has passed and no longer exists.

@rawsalerts Hmmm… this is horrible, like the world doesn’t have enough problems… and this guy wants to be in charge of nukes 🙄

Kanye West casually confirmed his decision to run for US president

In a video posted to Twitter on November 21, Kanye West announced that he plans to run for president in 2024. When a reporter asked him about the same, he replied:

“Yes. No one can tell me, so it’s easy to say, ‘I should say this, I shouldn’t say that,’ right? We are just moving forward into the future. ”

Far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was also spotted in the video, with West saying he’s working on his campaign:

“This is Milo working on the campaign.”

Kanye West announces 2024 presidential candidacy, says Milo Yiannopoulos will be his campaign manager https://t.co/JwclZs3lP2

When one of the reporters asked, “Is this an announcement?” West and Yiannopoulos laughed.

“I think so.”

West’s announcement comes days after his Twitter account was revived after a spate of anti-Semitic thoughts and posts.

On November 20th, he tweeted to his Twitter handle:

“Test Test Checking if my Twitter is blocked.

test test check if my twitter is blocked

Elon MuskTwitter’s new CEO said in October that West’s account was banned after threatening to “sentence a Jew to death,” but was reopened before completing the $44 billion deal and received prior consultation. said it was not.

Not only Kanye, but also the former president donald trump‘s account was restored on Twitter after Musk held an online poll on a user’s question. Trump’s account was banned from social media platforms after the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots.

This isn’t the first time West has announced that he’s running for president. In 2020, he launched a campaign under the “Birthday Party” banner, but he didn’t get elected, he received only 70,000 votes.

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