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Internet Praises Single Mom Who Made ‘Exploitative’ Boss ‘Lose His Mind’

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from Ignore employees To Cut bonus In half, RedditAntiworksubreddit catalogs some of the worst boss stories online. However, the latest stories that decorate the forum featured a happy ending and a significant salary increase for one underrated employee.

so Position Shared on Tuesday, user nannerooni wrote how her mom was able to get a new job that doubled her salary. The story received over 80,000 votes and 2,500 comments praising the woman from Reddit users, as well as a drug to her boss who “exploited” her.

Redditor explained that her mother had worked for a small construction company for 10 years, but never received a salary increase. Despite her mother’s obvious value for the company, her boss discusses her salary, despite “he’s personally a filthy rich man and she’s embossing the company.” I refused to do that.

She writes: “She just applied for a large construction company and she has great experience, but there were no educational prerequisites, but after reading all three interviews and starting the search. We already have a job within 2 weeks.

“The new company has provided her with much more than she was looking for. It’s twice the current salary. It’s going to be 50,000 to 100,000 in two weeks. It includes big benefits. “

The new company was able to see the apparent talent of nannerooni’s mom and offered her a high salary and a “great profit”. Not surprisingly, her current employer wasn’t impressed when she told him.

Nannerooni continued: “She gave the news to her old boss, and he began to panic and act crazy so desperately that it disturbed her emotionally.

“He tried a lot of offers to her and promised she knew she wouldn’t keep.

“He offered to pay more than the new company offered her. He told her,” You are not paying you worth the value to me. “

Fortunately, mom didn’t retreat. To conclude their post, nannerooni said:

“After many years of loyalty and financial hardship as a mother in front of him, he admits that he was doing it intentionally.

“Small businesses are not automatically equal to good companies.”

Users congratulated Mom on her new role, commenting that votedog was “very happy for your family.”

Martin B75 said: “I hope she is over the moon about her decision.”

Albaspotting writes: “It’s good for her to know her value and seize her chances.”

according to research According to Jenzabar, 47% of adults in the United States feel underemployed or have low wages. 37% dream of finding a new job or entering a new field. Respondents cite the lack of affordable education and training opportunities as an important barrier. Not surprisingly, 80% of those surveyed believe that universities are too expensive, and 57% will be willing to pursue further education if they become cheaper and more accessible.

In the comments, nannerooni shared details about her mom’s former employer.

She added: Starbucks Coffee order.

“He constantly curses and yells, creating a truly hostile work environment.

“My mother said she was very surprised when she toured the office space of the future, and everyone was just quietly and politely working and talking. Complete culture shock.”

Many Redditors criticized the mother’s boss for not immediately recognizing her value and committing “labor abuse.”

BullS ******* 24-7 suggested that the boss take advantage of her position as a single mother to take advantage of her, saying, “Because he knew all this, she Was exploited. “

Hisaidky agreed, “I’m p ***** because he put her and your family under his thumb that way. Labor abuse is straight.” ..

Prettygirlsrock1 added: “She stayed only for a stable income. She couldn’t take many uncertain steps. He took advantage of it.

“I’m very happy with my mom and family! Good for my mom !!”

Another bad boss story that’s been talked about on Reddit lately Micro manager A person who requested an employee to “ask” before using the bathroom, Growing woman A person who offended a teenage employee Snapchat,and “Ruthless” boss It only provided two days of survivor leave to the woman who lost her mother.

Newsweek I contacted nannerooni for comment.

A happy businessman who is absent with his belongings after quitting his job. Not only did her single mom get a job with double salary and great benefits,
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