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Internet opens new doors for musicians and the creator economy

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It is clear that the Internet has contributed significantly to the advancement of creators’ capabilities from the beginning. However, more recent developments have been made.

To Green Moody from Techdirt

One of the most dramatic differences between the world of traditional analog creation and the world of modern digital is the democratization that took place in this area. Until recently, writers, musicians, artists, and filmmakers have formed a relatively well-selected group that is difficult to join professionally. Anyone with an internet connection today can disseminate information about their work and then make money. Virtually everyone online is more or less a digital creator, even if posting on social media is the shortest-lived. It’s clear that the creative arena is wide open, but the details are confusing. It’s a new “Creator report“Linktree” is especially useful. Link tree describes itself that’s why:

A tool for connecting your followers to the entire world online, not just one feed.

The link tree not only points your followers in the direction you choose (other social profiles, e-commerce stores, or the content you want to share), but also helps keep your followers in the online ecosystem for a long time. This allows users to achieve more sharing, sales, curation and growth.

Linktree claims to have over 23 million users worldwide. In short, you should be in a good position to observe how the new world of digital creation works. Here are some of the highlights of the Creator Report:

According to Linktree, of the 4.2 billion social media users, there are 200 million creators. It is defined as “an individual who uses influence, creativity, and skills to attract and monetize viewers.” Not surprisingly, most of those creators have a limited number of followers. According to Linktree, there are 23 million “recreation creators” with less than 1,000 followers. 139 million large creators with 10,000-1,000 followers. The following categories have 41 million followers and up to 100,000 followers. And finally, there will be 2 million creators with up to 1 million and over 1 million followers. About two-thirds of creators are part-time, and 43% spend up to five hours a week creating materials. About 36% have been active for less than a year.

Another important aspect is, of course, the money they earn. According to Linktree, 12% of full-time creators earn more than $ 50,000 and 46% earn less than $ 1,000. Of the part-time creators, only 3% earn over $ 50,000 and 68% earn under $ 1,000.

None of these numbers are particularly surprising. Only a few creators earn a living wage, and you’ll find it easier for full-time creators than part-time creators. The central message of this report is positive. The Internet has unleashed creativity on an unprecedented scale. Whenever the digital world is criticized for the flaws and failures that definitely exist, it should be kept in mind and blessed.

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