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Internet Mocks Ted Cruz Ahead Incoming Texas Snowstorm: ‘Are You Packed?’

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Twitter users are not allowing Texas senators Ted Cruz It’s an easy turn off ahead of Thanksgiving, which is predicted to snow in the Texas Panhandle.

Cruz was criticized After a family trip to Cancun, Mexico last year, storms in February left millions of Texans without power, food and water, killing hundreds. , later described the vacation as a “mistake.”

Some of Cruz’s voters now see him at risk of flight due to an incoming storm predicted to start in the Texas Panhandle on Thursday night.

“A blizzard hits Texas. Is it packed?” 1 twitter user murmured The messages include tropical emojis such as cocktails, palm trees, and parrots.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) checks into a flight at Cancun International Airport after backlash against family vacations in Mexico as his home state of Texas endures winter storms on February 18, 2021 Did. He plans a vacation as a snowstorm is set to hit the Texas Panhandle on Thanksgiving night.
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Conflicting projections suggest that areas like Amarillo, Texas, 18 to 24 inches of snow, above the city average in winter.Other predictions show numbers lowerin the range of 5 to 12 inches.

A southeast-bound storm is set to hit Texas this weekend with cooler-than-normal panhandle temperatures, turning rain into heavy, wet snow, damaging power lines and roofs, and damaging roads and runways. may become slippery.

Meteorologists are advising local residents to postpone their Thanksgiving trips until Saturday morning, when temperatures rise again and the snow melts or disappears.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Cruz hadn’t tweeted anything about the coming storm on his personal or professional Twitter accounts.

As one AccuWeather meteorologist recently said, Newsweek That storm was very localized and nothing like the giant storm of 2021. That didn’t stop Twitter users from teasing Cruz about his travel history.

“Does anyone know where Ted Cruz is going?” murmured.

“Have you booked your flight to Mexico yet???” Asked Senator.

Cruz was facing backlash from Twitter users even before the Thanksgiving storm snow forecasts were made. Several users asked Cruz and the governor of Texas last week after a lake-affected storm blanketed Buffalo, New York, with seven feet of snow. Greg Abbott What will happen to their plans if a major winter storm hits Texas again?

“Does Texas have a contingency plan in case what happened last winter happens again?” a Twitter user posted. “Are you going to kill people again? In your case, Ted, are you going to Mexico again?”

Abbott has yet to tweet about the approaching storm on either Twitter page.

Newsweek We’ve reached out to Cruise’s office for comment.

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