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Internet Marvels at Planner’s Wedding Day Insight for Grooms: ‘So Smart’

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The wedding planner has now posted a viral TikTok video. In this video, the groom shared some advice for considering on their wedding day.

Julia Drachenberg, a TikTok user, posted a video on Thursday to her account @daybydrachenberg. In this video, she has already recorded over a million views and encourages her viewers to share her unique advice.

Drakensberg said Newsweek By email on Friday Another video She posted a post sharing tips for the bride on the morning of her wedding day.

According to the magazine bride, The groom can enjoy the wedding morning with the groom, give hints to vendors, and send gifts to partners.

The wedding planner shared advice on the viral TikTok video for the groom to consider a wedding morning.
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“Jewelry has always been a great choice, and another classic idea is for your home, like vases and framed photos from suggestions and engagement sessions,” the article states.

Drakensberg gave insights into what the groom thinks when preparing for a big day, such as what to do with her facial hair, wearing a spare dress shirt, and taking off her fitness watch.

“Your wedding morning isn’t the day to try new facial hair,” she said in a video. “Try before, know exactly where you need to shave, how many days you need to grow, take a photo, take a video. Don’t try it for the first time on that day.”

For those planning to shave their wedding morning, Drakensberg recommended shaving early to give the skin time to soothe. She also suggested that she had a spare dress shirt and was careful not to take a picture of her before the ceremony.

Another tip Drakensberg gave was to remove the fitness watch before the ceremony.

“You want to wear a watch for your wedding, it’s part of your wedding, it’s great, wear a nice watch,” she said. “your Apple That day, the watch can stay home. “

The last tip Drakensberg provided was for the groom to spend a minute enjoying the day.

“Today is an important day. I have a lot of emotions. Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and take everything in,” she said. “It’s your wedding day.”

Viewers praised the advice, and some viewers provided their groom with their own advice.

“This is very smart,” wrote a TikTok user. “My sweet fiance is shaving to prepare her skin for the wedding.”

“I say get them [manicure] Viewers write, “I don’t want to show ugly hands in my photos, just clean them, crop them, remove the skin … etc.”

TikTok users write that grooms should leave their cell phones with someone instead of keeping them in their pockets.

“He doesn’t need that day and may be in the picture,” they wrote.

Another shared that if a man can make up with confidence, he should be able to make up comfortably.

“It’s okay to finish a little concealer or powder,” they write. “Do what makes you feel great.”

Drakensberg often sees videos discussing “wedding mornings” and focuses on the fun side of the day, but said it doesn’t include much of the logistics.

“I wanted to talk about how to make a couple’s photos beautiful and free of distracting stains,” she explained.

In addition to some of the tips shared in the video, Drachenberg has a number of suggestions left by commenters, such as getting a manicure, covering spots and applying makeup if you want to improve the look. Was repeated.

Wedding content is popular on a variety of social media platforms.

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