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Internet Loves How ‘Parasite’ Daughter Was Sent Money From Mother’s Will

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Viral posts shared with popular people Reddit The forum “Malicious Compliance” captivated readers after learning how a woman received money intended to go to her after her mother’s death.

Reddit user u / joemondo share post Since then, it has won over 13,000 votes. It encouraged other Reddit users to share their thoughts on the tactical u / joemondo aunt used when sending designated money to another aunt called “Muchi” after her mother died. rice field.

After the death of a loved one, there are some steps a family must take, For each AARP.

This includes finding an executor and an executor.

The virus’s Reddit post explains how a woman received money for herself from her deceased mother. Above, the last will and a stock image of the will.
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“The survivors of your loved ones need to know where their money, property and belongings go,” the work states. “Ideally you talked to your relatives before she died and she told you where she put her will.”

The executor’s responsibility is to manage the settlement of the real estate.

From there, AARP stated that there was a legal process to carry out the will. The Probate Court confirms that the debt and debt have been paid. The remaining assets are then passed on to the beneficiaries.

In their post, u / joemondo explained that their grandmother worked primarily in low-paying jobs.

“Most of her own children were rational people, but her youngest daughter was a complete parasite,” Redditor wrote. “She took whatever she got from her mother, my grandmother, and had her mother co-sign her debt and let her repay it without any problems. “

After she got sick, all her children took care of her, except her youngest daughter.

“On the bed of death, she told her eldest daughter that she was worried about Muchi, and [relayed] Where she saved all the money, “u / joemondo wrote. Maybe $ 700 or so. And she told her eldest daughter when she died to hand everything over to Muchi. “

u / joemondo’s aunt responded to her wishes, but she sent her sister money in installments of $ 10 a month.

“Only $ 10 a month,” writes u / joemondo. “Not enough to splurge on something, not even to make a difference in her life, as if it were nothing.”

Readers went to the comments section and expressed their gratitude for how u / joemondo’s aunt sent money to her sister.

“I love this laugh,” writes one Redditor. “Still, technically, it’s a great way to deal with a terrifying family while respecting my grandmother’s wishes.”

The other is called u / joemondo, a “saint” who loved her children but also praised Redditor’s aunt.

“She came up with a way to fulfill her grandmother’s last wish. [mooch] I feel like she didn’t [get] Anything, “they wrote.

Some suspected that the youngest aunt had an unpaid loan for her.

“There was no active loan I knew,” u / joemondo explained. “Her custom was to get a store credit card, have her mother sign it, and pay up to nothing. There is no doubt that her grandmother paid them off. That’s her. Is one of the reasons why he died for $ 700. “

They said their aunt later attempted to “drive away” her brother, but failed.

“She had my dad co-sign a credit card, a loan, etc. and left him with a debt of $ 10,000,” u / joemondo wrote. “Then he cut off her completely.”

Newsweek I contacted u / joemondo for further comments.

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