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Internet Laughs at Husband Mistakenly Saying Wife Is a Sex Worker: ‘Idiot’

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The woman sewed away the internet after revealing her husband’s nasty mistake that completely changed her reputation with her friends.

Post Mom’s Net On Thursday, user MyHusbandIsVeryStupid shared the story and wrote: Me and them.

“Do you want to know why? My job is a sexual health adviser. He said I Sex worker.. “

Sexual health advisors provide information, advice, and counseling to help people maintain good sexual health. They support people diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and provide a non-judgmental approach to a wide range of people in the community.

A woman has plagued Internet users after sharing what her husband mistakenly told a friend that she was a sex worker. The pictures in this file show an embarrassing woman holding her head.
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In contrast, sex workers are a term usually used to refer to people who work with sexually explicit behavior. Prostitute..

Users of Mom’s Net revealed that the mistake was completely coincidental. “He really thought it was what a sex worker meant,” she said.

In the story stitches, Mumsnet users headed to the comments to share their thoughts. One user wrote, “It’s an interesting mistake.” Another said, “Oh, God loves him! His colleagues must have thought you were very liberal.”

“This beats the internet for me tonight. Gold,” wrote one commenter. Another said, “Adult men in the 21st century don’t know what a sex worker is? It’s extraordinary.”

Meanwhile, other users were encouraged to share stories of when their work was misrepresented with hilarious results.

“My son told the whole of his school in Congress that I would make an adult movie,” wrote one commenter. “I’m a boring marketing manager and sometimes make boring videos.”

Another user said, “My husband ran a fertility clinic. My daughter told her teacher she had a woman pregnant.”

“My nephew told everyone in the school that his mother and my sister were drug dealers … she was a pharmacist, so she wasn’t technically wrong,” said one commentator.

Another Mumsnet user shared their story and wrote: In the hospital, he is responsible for anesthesia and she is a surgeon. “

“My 10-year-old husband tells people that I’m an architect,” shared another Mumsnet user. “I’m not. I’m an archaeologist.”

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