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Internet Backs Mother Charging Sister-in-Law $800 a Month for Spare Bedroom

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relationship The person-in-law is not always as smooth as you want.One woman she knows too well shared her frustration RedditExplain, in one situation, why my sister-in-law demanded to pay $ 800 a month to live in a spare bedroom.

The OP (original poster) shared a viral post from r / AmIThe * sshole subreddit on Saturday with the caption “AITA that made my SIL pay more than the average rent for one bedroom?” Since then, this post has received a total of 27,400 positive votes and 1,800 comments.

In Position, OP remembered two years ago that the same sister-in-law agreed to take OP’s family of five after the house was burned down. Their insurance covered damages, but it took 11 months to pay and OP and her family were forced to move in.

“she [told] She didn’t use either room, bought all our own food and had to pay $ 100 a week, so we can have her spare room and office space. ” OP explained.

According to OP, her sister-in-law later demanded $ 250 a week, charged food stamps to OP’s three kids, and couldn’t even “fit” in “the size of the glorious closet space.” Reduced offers to rooms only. Twin beds and a small dresser. “

“It was the worst eight months of my life,” OP wrote.

Since then, the fate of the poster has changed after she and her family transferred the certificate to her grandmother’s five-bedroom farmhouse after she and her family decided to enter a supportive life. According to the woman, her sister-in-law also lost her home “because she didn’t pay the land tax for several years” last month and asked if she and her stepdaughter could move with OP’s family.

“Sure, I said, one bedroom [for] For $ 800 a month, my daughter is vegan, so I have to buy and cook all the food separately, “she told her sister-in-law, her family of five in one bedroom in exchange for $ 1000. After reminding her that she had to go to bed, OP said her sister-in-law refused the offer and left.

In the comments section, other Reddit users shared overwhelming support for the OP after concluding that the OP wasn’t really a “* sshole” (NTA).

“NTA. The room is $ 250 a month, and you have to see her stupid face every day for $ 750 a month,” wrote one user. “Because she is her family, she is giving her an 80% discount on her rent.”

“You just treated in SIL how she treated you. It’s neither bad nor good,” another commenter shared. “If she thinks it’s unfair, it means she knew what she did wrong in the first place.”

“I love the sweet and sweet scent of Karma “In the morning,” wrote Redditer.

However, some commentators seem to take advantage of the opportunity to pierce the OP’s story, especially because her family wasn’t exploited by her sister-in-law and couldn’t stay at her grandmother’s farm from the beginning. I asked why.

“Why didn’t your grandmother, who had four spare rooms, keep you in her place?” Wrote a skeptical user.

Others have noted OP’s allegations that her sister-in-law is claiming food stamps to her three children while temporarily accommodating the family.

“That is, can’t it be true? Can we claim other random people as dependents?” Written one user. “You have to fill out a form and list all your names, social security numbers, birthdays, etc. Otherwise you’re more likely to commit fraud. This story is really suspicious.”

An image showing a woman sitting while a couple is having a discussion in the background. A Reddit post became a hot topic recently after a woman shared how to charge her sister-in-law $ 800 a month for her spare bedroom.
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This may not be the first time an online discussion has taken place on the Internet related to a complex relationship with a user’s in-law. Newsweek How before Mom’s Net The user has a month’s vacation for her family Gate crash by her in-law, Decided to rent an apartment “around the corner” from their escape. On another occasion, Newsweek How one Redditer reported Forced her mother-in-law to book a hotel The room after receiving a “strange” request for her sleep arrangement.

If you have a similar family dilemma, please let us know at [email protected] You can seek advice from experts and your story may be featured in Newsweek.

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